You Can Buy a Steam Link For Just £2 in the Steam Sale

The things were £40 when they first released, but now you can grab a Steam Link for just £2 thanks to the Steam Summer Sale.

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ocelot07116d ago

Bit of a clickbate post. £2 for the device £7:40 for the p&p? Surely a title such as "You can buy a Steam Link for just under £10 in the Steam Sale" would have been a lot more accurate?

fiveby9116d ago

It is $2.50 here in the U.S. Maybe they assumed it was roughly equivalent in UK?

porkChop116d ago

It's not really clickbait. You're only paying £2 for the product, which is what they've said. Postage/shipping is a separate fee and is almost never included in the advertised price.

ClanPsi1116d ago

Steam Link is sold out already.

Silly Mammo116d ago

I bought one during the Holidays for $5 with $7 s/h. Its a neat little gadget for $12 especially after I hard wired it.

snake-OO116d ago

If you have a Samsung tv from 2016 onwards, you already have steam link app ready to download for free. just throwing it out there for people with the right tvs before they waste money.

GamesMaster1982116d ago

I bought one during a similar sale the other year here in UK.Don’t know why as my PC is like 8 feet from my big main TV. But what the hell I thought .

xX1NORM1Xx115d ago

Same its cool i just dont have much use for it.

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