Over Half of Those Who Have Played God of War Have Completed It

Just over half of those who have played God of War have completed it. But is that quite as impressive as it initially sounds?

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morganfell207d ago

It would do to look at this article. Over half is a very good statistic.

Deep-throat207d ago

Not accurate. Many consoles are offline for whatever reasons.

Eonjay207d ago

Obviously, the number of God of War completions is only taken from ONLINE consoles meaning that this is accurate in context.

LucasRuinedChildhood207d ago

You're not particularly bright, Deep-throat.

UCForce207d ago

Hmm, that’s just your opinion and a poor one actually.

RpgSama207d ago

You are Correct Deep-throat, even MORE people have completed the game!.

Realms207d ago

@ Deep throat

You played yourself they probably took that statistic from people that have PS plus, because it shows the percentage of players that have certain trophies as well so you would need to be online for that. I guess it's too hard to use logic when you are busy trying to hate.

Razzer207d ago

LOL. this is too funny

yeahright2206d ago

your damage control is showing.

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MasterChief3624206d ago

I don't even need to read it. I know that's a very good statistic!

GottaBjimmyb206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

Yea, it should be obvious to anyone who is familiar with gaming how amazing that stat is. It is a VERY clear testament to how well recieved and genuinely like this game is.

1. The game is still very new so many may still be playing through.
2. Just think back of the last 10 games you bought, how many you finished, you might be surprised even with your own completion rate.

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bluefox755207d ago (Edited 207d ago )

Not surprised. Pretty impressive for such a long game. I couldn't stop playing.

Shiken207d ago

I got the plat myself. Game was a masterpiece.

KwietStorm207d ago

Guess I shouldn't be surprised anymore after that report some years ago about how low the percentage is of people who actually finish games. ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED? I couldn't comprehend it then and I still don't but whatever. I got platinum for the whole series.

Mr Marvel207d ago

Same here.
I finished God of War I & II on PS2, then Platinumed both Collections on PS3, God of War III, Ascension and now God of War on PS4.
I’m close to Platinuming the collection on Vita, I just need time to go back and do it.
I plan on going back and doing God of War III for PS4 also.

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