Hot Takes Friday: Why All Video Games Should be Shorter

Paul Tamburro:
"When I begin a 5000-hour RPG, I know that I’m probably not going to see its ending. I’ll start it up, get sucked in, start drifting into the side-quests, and then get bored before I complete it. This seems to be a prerequisite of time-consuming video games — you don’t stop playing when you’ve completed them, but rather when you just can’t be bothered to play them anymore."

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Skull521115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Get a PlayStation. 5-12 hour experiences and then you're done with the game for good. You can play every exclusive in half the time of a good Skyrim playthrough.

GamesMaster1982115d ago

I would much rather prefer a excellent 5 to 12 hour( you think )Sony experience . Than any Xbox boring repeat the same thing after the same thing after the same thing online grindfest rubbish.

FloydianAndroid114d ago

Wow fan boy much? What does long or short games have to do with Sony or Xbox?

ChrisW114d ago


PlayStation doesn't have any repetitive games? Who knew?!?

OffRoadKing114d ago

Apparently all those 5 -12 hour single player xbox back compat games aren't getting played at all.

Silly Mammo115d ago

So damn salty, this one is.

Darkwatchman115d ago

That’s why I spent 60+ hours on Yakuza 0, right

neutralgamer1992115d ago


Or buy Xbox exclusives and wait months for patches than wait even more for those games to get more content

Months spent mission achieved

Skyrim play through 60-100 hours

God of war 25
Horizon 40
Yakuza 0 60-100
Yakuza 6 40
Yakuza kiwame 25
Ni nu kuni 2 40
Infamous 15
Bloodborne 30

Tell me again how playstation titles are short

Watch when ms finally start delivering some good games next Gen fanboys like you will praise the heck out of them

Instead of demanding more from ms yall are asking others to accept less no wonder fans like you have driven Xbox brand to be where it is today

Irrelevant and begging for cross to play to have enough players for Xbox fans to play with

883114d ago

Don't forget Persona 5.

Xb1ps4115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

I’m all for open world games... I love fallout, Witcher, monster hunter etc... but if I had to choose between god of war, uncharted, tlou, etc... then “5-12 hr experiences” would be my day 1 choice... however I prefer both for a nice balance...

GruntboxWizard114d ago

I assumed he meant PS1. Am I wrong?

OffRoadKing114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

Who put you in charge of dictating rather Playstion owners can or cannot play their game over again. You know its 2018 you think you kids would come up with a new shtick but you just keep regurgitating the same verbal diarrhea you've been spouting for years now, then again it would be asking a lot for an xbox fanboy to be original. And they wonder why we dont want to cross-play with these immature lames.

shammgod113d ago

Nice low key trolling effort!

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Xb1ps4115d ago

I think a lot of games that are long have a progression system that can’t sustain the length of the game..

In other words give the game meaningful progression.. not just side mission to fetch something for someone else just to get a bag of coins that inches you closer to that weapon or what ever just because you brought back enough plants..

arkard114d ago

This, unfortunately if you get sucked into side quests chances are when you come back to the main story you will just walk through everything. Developers need to figure out a way for the game to rise to your level/equipment and still offer a challenge regardless of when you are completing the main story.

nitus10114d ago

Could not agree more.

I don't have any issue with side quests in fact for me they can really add to the enjoyment of the game but in many cases, they can allow your character to level up to the point where the main campaign becomes a boring walkthrough.

Jaypi03114d ago

I think you hit the nail on the head for me, so frequently I get tired of playing games, that just seem like a chore, to the point where I just put it down.

Kostche115d ago

and that is our problem how you game? just play shorter games that suit you, and stop trying change the games we play thanks

ChrisW114d ago

SIGH... The article is an "Opinion Piece" not a "Petition for Change"

Quetza114d ago

People are not entitled to have diferent opinions.

ChrisW113d ago

@Kostche Wow... you have that many multiple logins? Sad... Pathetic... and SAD!

Kostche112d ago

what are you on about?

you know what is sad, that you could not deal with my comments and upvotes that you not only replied to me once two days ago, you then done it again 13h ago, and this time you went digging like some sleezy stalker and try and slander me because other people may have same name, get grip or some mental health support, because you seem to have serious issues...

and from the looks of the down votes you got the first time none agree with you either

ChrisW112d ago

Whoa... chill out you little twerp! It's not stalking because I can see my OWN user page and see how many agrees and disagrees I have for my OWN comments. How fricking dense you are!~

Oh... And yeah, you just proved my point.

Kostche112d ago

now i am twerp, because you got butt hurt about my comment? so i am dense because i pointed out how many downvotes you got and just commented on it, not that i was updating you about it?

and proved the point you made? what was that, that you are creepy stalker, you posted a reply to me first stating the opinion you had, i ignored it because the opinion you had means nothing to me, you then never got reply so you went all stalker and posted some crap about logins, get grip you weirdo, go bother someone else who cares what you think, just dont try and slander me with the crap you post

ChrisW112d ago

Okay. You want creepy stalker? Try this: Your account "Kostche" has only been active for 108 days.

Oh, and DAMN you keep proving my point!!!

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admiralvic114d ago

This is one of those opinions that don't need to be expressed.

Like, some longer RPGs, such as The Elder Scrolls Online, have tons to do, though the actual quest from point A to B isn't too bad and RPGs simply don't make sense on a short term scale. You can look at Disgaea, which has about a 10 hour story with absurd amounts of post game, and it just doesn't have enough to really justify ever bothering with the mechanics unless you put in the time and something that is impossible to do without inflating time (you'd need to make it complex enough for it to not matter, but not so hard where most will only do it through leveling).

Beyond that, it's hard to ask for less content. Most of the super long games are, in fact, like Disgaea and offer a fairly short story that is inflated through countless side activities. Outside of removing content because X or Y gets distracted, you'd have to remove story, potentially ruining other peoples' favorite part and you're left with titles that only really cater to a specific demographic.

ChrisW114d ago

Actually there is one thing that needs to be addressed, but the author failed to mention... Development costs.

If you think about it, trying to jam-pack in so much content for elongated game play is very likely one of the driving forces for microtransactions. Many publishers sell games at a lost (aka standard price) and then throw in a bunch of lootboxes and other things to make ends meet... most likely because they KNOW that their games will not sell enough.

BTW, I love long RPGs. I've clocked in over 200 hours for each of Elder Scrolls games... But a majority of other games just aren't worth putting that amount of time in.

admiralvic114d ago

I guess that is a fair one, but I think that is a much different opinion piece. Less length and more questioning the costs that go into development.

For example, look at Destiny. I don't know how many people would insist we have famous actors doing voices, yet they went that route and need to make up the cash. Another great example of the opposite is Disgaea, which uses random generation and existing assets to make countless hours of content.

I mean, I can do this all day, but so many games make choices like Destiny, which I imagine is your point, that we can do without and avoid it. I just don't think it's limited to more things to do, as much as pointless costs (English voice acting, voice in general, opening themes, collector's editions, etc).

Hardiman114d ago

As long as I'm entertained I could care less about length! Played Hellblade for six or seven hours and loved it! Played HZD for over a hundred hours, hell I still play it! Same with Wild Hunt. Just create great games and I'm good!

Hardiman114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

I also play games like HZD, Wild Hunt, Phantom Pain, Bloodborne and AC Origins over a period of time. Witcher 3 I played for 3 years, I still play it. When a game like Detroit, Shadow of the Colossus, Until Dawn or Last Guardian come out I play it and then go back to the meatier games that I love. Works for me!

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