Bioware: Anthem's Endgame Consists of More Than Just Strongholds, Will Be Accessible & Rewarding

Bioware's Ben Scott confirmed that the endgame in Anthem will feature more activities than Strongholds (the game's version of dungeons). He also talked about their vision for endgame, which should accessible and rewarding at once.

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Chris_Wray116d ago

As is said about every other game before it comes out. We'll see, I can't say I'm going to hold my breath over Anthem. Though EA may have learned their lesson and actually push for a good game that's good for the gamer this time. Only this time though!

zerocarnage115d ago

well the fact there won't be any micros and loot boxes is a very good sign.

KaiPow116d ago

When they say rewarding achievement, I hope that means more than 'cleared stronghold #3 10 times on Hard Mode!'

Chaosdreams116d ago

They had a lot of positive chit chat about Andromeda before it came out. And while I enjoyed my time with the game, it's downfalls were obvious. So the more they talk up Anthem, the less enticed I am by its existence. There's potential for a unique experience here, but until I get my hands on it - I don't trust a thing they have to say (in regards to what to expect).

zerocarnage115d ago

Yeah but andromeda was put to the side for anthem, that means andromeda wasn't getting there full attention and it suffered before release of the game, that does not mean the same for anthem and I believe that we will be something very good here..

UnHoly_One115d ago

So because that had one game that you just "enjoyed", now you don't believe a word they say about anything and you're skeptical about any of their future games?

Seems legit.

Aeery115d ago

I really agree with you about Andromeda.

XiNatsuDragnel116d ago

Hopefully so, see and find out

Kostche115d ago

YAWN.. end game, end game, end game, end game, how about for once have great experience from start to finish

CorndogBurglar115d ago

When did they say the rest of the game wouldn't be good?

They are talking about the end game because games like this live or die by their end game. The end game is what keeps people playing after they have finished the main story parts.

bigmalky115d ago

They should live of die by how good the game is from start to finish.

Destiny was monotonous until you could do the raids, and even then, it wasn't ground breaking.

bigmalky115d ago

I agree. Seen so many recent games spout about end game content, and either the main content is extremely repetitive, too easy or has no decent story... Or a combination of the three.

A good game has you from the opening, all the way beyond the credits.

CorndogBurglar115d ago

I don't disagree with saying the campaign portion should also be good. Of course it should be.

But with games like this the end game is just important, if not more so. This is the part AFTER the credits roll that allows you to keep playing the game.

There's nothing wrong with developers making a comment about the end game. Lol. There are a lot of people that would say the real game doesn't even begin until the end game. Because the campaign portions might be 10-20 hours long, but the end game is what's going to determine if people keep playing it for 50-100-500 hours.