No Man's Sky Xbox One Pre Order Bonuses Revealed

If you have been waiting to get No Man's Sky, then No Man's Sky Xbox One Pre Order Bonuses will definitely make you a believer.

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Skull5212223d ago

PS4 is welcome to keep this exclusive LOL!

one2thr2223d ago

Its also on PC, ergo not exclusive.

FloydianAndroid2223d ago

I know everyone likes to dump on this game, and that’s fait to an extent because it wasn’t at launch what it was talked up to be, but with all the updates and added content is much better now. It’s similar to how’s much better Destiny was after the taken king expansion.

jagermaster6192223d ago

I can't wait to not get this game!

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No Man's Sky PS5 Pro Upgrade Datamined, Visual Improvements Revealed

Hello Games' No Man's Sky has received a significant update recently, and a datamine of the update files has revealed specifications for a potential PS5 Pro upgrade.

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Einhander19722d ago

Higher resolution and better post processing. Pretty much what's to be expected from a game like this.

It'll be interesting to see how games designed around it look, and what more conventional development tools like PlayStation in house tool and UE5 ect. can do.

Babadook72d ago (Edited 2d ago )

Sometimes it takes quite a while for hello games to give the big updates to new hardware. They usually come around eventually. The big change might be 120hz

Obscure_Observer1d 8h ago

"Based on the graphics preset, the visual improvements for No Man’s Sky do not seem to be substantial. The dynamic resolution scaling setting has been increased from 0.6 to 0.8, indicating a higher average resolution. This could mean a bump from an average resolution of 1300p to 1800p. Some graphics details have been upgraded from High to Ultra like the Water quality, but these changes are minor. There do not appear to be any significant enhancements to visual quality."

Based on these information, if the Pro isn´t doing much for a small AA game like NMS. One can only wonder what it will do for a big AAA game like GTA VI.

Digital Foundry´s analysis on the PS5 Pro leaked specs seems very accurate.

Einhander19721d 7h ago (Edited 1d 7h ago )

NMS doesn't have RT or take advantage of PSSR, and I don't think many would claim that its engine is the most graphically optimized to begin with.

And that's actually quite a significant resolution upgrade, and NMS uses DRS so that's upping the lower limit, the actual game could be running at 4k consistently.

And regardless, it's going to be a lot more powerful than what xbox has to offer.

Sonic188112h ago(Edited 12h ago)

It's still going to be more powerful than the Xbox. Gamers will rather play GTA VI on the most powerful console. I also believe GTA will take advantage of PSSR technology and NMS is not taking advantage of that. NMS is also using an old engine

crazyCoconuts2d ago

New no man's sky releases usually introduce significant performance issues... Takes a few patches before they get things straightened out. I wouldn't take any of these settings too seriously.
On the plus side, nice to see more signals that the pro is still coming

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Lionsguard2d ago

They need to upgrade for PSVR2 version for PS5 already.

thejigisup1d 14h ago

HIGE MISS by Sony to not invest in getting backwards compatibility for most psvr games. PSVR2 NEEDS No Man's Sky.

VincentVanBro1d 12h ago

No man’s sky is on PSVR2 mate. Take a sec and Google it.

Lionsguard1d 9h ago

@VincentVanBro Yes but only the PS4 version works for PSVR2. The PS5 version does not support it.

ozzfreak1d 9h ago

Pretty sure the PS5 version supports PSVR2. No PS4 games work on PSVR2 unfortunately