Fortnite's Proposed Building Overhaul Is Bad Timing From Epic Games

Are Epic Games about to send Fortnite on a downwards turn it may never recover from with huge changes to building?

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DarkVoyager116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

“Are Epic Games about to send Fortnite on a downwards turn it may never recover from with huge changes to building?“

Just a bunch of popular streamers crying because they can’t have a build off every map. They’re more worried about their shitty tactics than others enjoying the game.

Also where does building will get an overhaul? All I read is they’re giving full controller customization so you can dedicate a button to editing.

— Liam (@LiamJGaming_) June 21, 2018
Love the Epic team and the game that you’ve built but catering towards the casual player in hopes of creating longevity for newer players is usually the quickest way to destroy the player base. Please be careful with drastic changes, I don’t want to see this community destroyed.

— 100T Nadeshot (@Nadeshot) June 21, 2018
Really confused by the whole “not every final fight should end in a build-off” — this mechanic is what makes your game unique and it’s 100% the reason fortnites so successful. This is like saying not every pubg game should end in a gun fight, just makes no sense.

— FaZe Banks (@Banks) June 21, 2018


— FaZe Cizzorz (@cizzorz) June 21, 2018

— Tyler (@I_AM_WILDCAT) June 21, 2018

— OpTic CouRage (@CouRageJD) June 21, 2018

OMGitzThatGuy115d ago

Just because streamers have the loudest voices doesn't mean they are the only ones complaining.

FITgamer115d ago

I don't know who @Nadeshot is, but I agree with him. The building mechanic is what makes Fortnite exciting for me.

KillBill115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

For every person that loves the building portion in Fortnite there are 3 others that don't.

Fortnite is popular because it did PUBG and actually got the guns to kill, the textures that load, character progression, challenges, humorous emotes, character skins that aren't simply found in loot boxes, and is FREE!

With that said I have often thought of ways they could reduce the egregious use of building shields in combat. Possibly areas of change leaned towards, adjusting building times, possible slight delay to next build part after last one was set, adding more variety of instant fort-building grenades, possibly adding said grenades to building tab instead of loadout tab. Each having pro and con if they were implemented.

I myself would like to see a simple change to the game... make the Storm domed. Then when it gets small enough there will only be so high that you can build before you build yourself into the Storm death. I would also like to see the Storm slowly destroy building material as it goes along. No longer see the buildings anchored to areas outside of the Storm. This could also prove very dangerous if a Storm forms centered around a tall mountain area.

What they really need to do is add a variety of LTM to sample different build/no build options and see how they favor. They have Sniper LTM, why not a limited build LTM?

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CyrusLemont116d ago

I have no interest in Fortnite, but being able to build downwards would add another layer of strategy to the game. It’ll cover you from above ground combat but leave you exposed to cave-ins, flooding mechanics, and funnelling out exposure from campers.

Seems like a no-brainer.

TheFanBoy115d ago

You have always been able to build down...

Snookies12115d ago

I think he meant being able to dig into the ground.