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Wiehahn Diederichs writes: "The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a stand-alone adventure developed by Life is Strange creators DONTNOD Entertainment, set for release as a free title on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on 25 June.

Set in the Life is Strange universe, this roughly two hour narrative game follows young protagonist Chris and his adventures as Captain Spirit, a fictional superhero of his own creation that helps him battle his sometimes harsh reality."

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ICarly1985119d ago

9/27/18 Life Is Strange 2, I am so hella hyped!!!

Wiehahn119d ago

Hella hyped!!!!!

Also, did you see that the "is" in the new Life is Strange 2 title and reveal trailer of Captain Spirit ("in the Life is Strange universe") are both the same badges? Very intriguing... Life is Strange mysteries are the best :)