Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Version Leaked By Linkedin Profile of Ex-Rockstar Dev

Red Dead Redemption 2 is confirmed to launch later this October for the PS4 and Xbox One, however, Rockstar Games hasn't officially announced a PC version.

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crazychris4124120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

They would be stupid not to do it since GTA 5 sold at least 10 million copies on Steam.

morganfell119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

And it has stayed relatively high on the charts since launch.

tontontam0119d ago

and many of those people who can't wait to play the game also owns a console copy, now they'll just buy the pc version.

traumadisaster119d ago

Exactly, I just said to myself, and they just lost a console sale. As I was either going to get a pro or x1x if offered in a bundle.

starchild119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Well, I'm sure some people would do that, but I wouldn't. I own a gaming PC and a PS4 Pro but I wasn't going to double dip.

Personally, as much as I like Rockstar's games, I really dislike how they hold back announcing the PC versions of their games. It seems like they just want to get people like me who own a PC and console to buy their game twice. I find this to be a really scummy business practice. Although it's probably their publisher, Take Two, who is really behind it.

While some people flip out about things like optional cosmetic DLC I find stuff like what Rockstar/Take Two is doing to be far more offensive.

starchild119d ago

Oops! I read your comment wrong. I thought you were saying the opposite. That people who can't wait will just buy the console version. Anyway, I agree that if the PC version is announced I'll defintely be buying it.

FlyingFoxy120d ago

What happened to the excuse that most PC gamers pirate their games? Just fanboy nonsense by some.

Hungryalpaca119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

A lot of people on here say most

sizeofyou119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Most people on here say a lot of people on the PC platform pirate. 😉

I think it slowly declining (in terms of lost revenue to the software houses) but it's fair to say that it's still far and away the leader in the piracy market.
That said - there's most definitely still a market and substantial money for publishers and developers...and Rockstar would be mad not to tap into it, after GTAV sales performance...

getbacktogaming119d ago

I pirate on PC to try the game and buy it on PS4 (where I have 44 physical games so far)... lol I support the devs but I prefer physical copies :P. I'm sure I'm a minority but that's what I do. My PS4 Pro is more powerful than my PC anyway (although I am sure it's the reverse for most PC gamers)

kevnb119d ago

most people either dont know how to pirate, are scared to get viruses or simply find pirating games too much hassle.

traumadisaster119d ago

Especially now I've moved to staying a few years behind new releasessince my backlog is huge, I get games for 75% off during steam sales.

I actually end up buying more this way than I would beer have at release.

starchild119d ago

Or think that it's morally wrong.

There are a lot of reasons I buy all my PC games. Mostly, though, it's because I want to support the developers and PC gaming as a platform.

mrzeeman321119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Admittedly, I was planning to buy RDR2 for my PS4 Pro, but if this is true I'll instead just pirate this PC version in retaliation for Take Two locking exclusive singleplayer missions behind a special edition pre-order.

Soc5119d ago

If you don’t like a developers choices the best way to protest is waiting on buying the game or not buying it.
Stealing is not a form of protest, because you then become a hypocrite, condemning another’s actions but then doing a worse action, theft.

mrzeeman321119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

@Soc5 You're right, you make a fair point, however the issue is not the developer, Rockstar Games, but the publisher, Take Two. I love Rockstar games, but find the corporate practices of their publisher, Take Two, becoming increasingly greedy as of late. How can I play a game from one of my favourite developers without supporting their publisher which I dislike? There's either buying pre-owned, or, piracy.
I've made it a policy of mine to pirate on PC first, then buy pre-owned on console later. That way, I get to play Rockstar's next hit on launch day (that's important to me), whilst also supporting a small mom and pop pre-owned games shop later on, and also saving a little extra cash for myself. All the meanwhile the publisher, Take Two, gets nothing. But I digress. Am I still stealing by both pirating and buying pre-owned at different times? I personally don't think so, but you're free to disagree, because had Take Two offered a full game at a full price, I would gladly pre-order.

--bienio--119d ago

Let’s wait for official announcement.

getbacktogaming119d ago

2 years after PS4 release and 1 year after PS5 release? ...I doubt it'll happen this way again but that's kind of what they did last gen with GTAV...

Born2Game83119d ago

1 or 2 years after console release. Either way I'm a happy camper.

Genova84119d ago

IF, this launches on PC, I just hope it doesn't take a year and half to do so like GTA V did. Rather not wait any longer for this one, and frankly I hate buying the same game twice.

jukins119d ago

I'm just gonna wait PC version unless there's a 60fps mode on consoles. After playing gta5 on my PC just cant do it at 30 fps again

morganfell119d ago

Same here. Even with a 60fps mode on consoles, I'll wait. Nvidia Shield changed everything for me last year. Being able to play my titles on my big screen without having to shift a gaming PC into another room did it. I picked up two Shields, one for my main TV room and one for the bedroom. Not just games but all of my movies and music streamed too has drastically altered my purchasing of multiplatform titles.

morganfell119d ago

In addition the new Steam app that doesn't even require Shield is showing a lot of promise. It is still in beta but I can use a Moga Pro controller and clip my phone to it and the games run great. It is currently limited to the same network so there isn't much point to it since if I am home I am going to get on the couch or even go directly to my PC. Still, the app has promise and runs directly on my TV without even using the Shield. It can't handle higher res as easily as the Shield version and there are some control issues plenty of people are experiencing to sort out but it is just getting started.

getbacktogaming119d ago

@morganfell If you like the Nvidia Shield... I highly recommend the free and amazing app "moonlight" it'll let you stream to any phone and works pretty well in my experience... way better than the early version of the steam app IMO. Just bought a cheap 1 $ micro USB to USB to plug my 360 controller into my phone and very happy overall.

morganfell119d ago (Edited 119d ago )


I had been looking at this when it was called limelight and forgot about it but had not tried it as no one I knew was using it. Didn't know they had changed their name. Will give it a shot, thanks :)

I use a Moga with my phone:

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sander9702119d ago

Yeah unless they release it just a month later than the console versions I will probably just get it on console first and wait for a steam sale.

traumadisaster119d ago

I usually agree, but when i played gta5 on ps3 i was so impressed i decided Rockstar earned their money and I'll pay for this quality. Then rebuy later for 4k60.

Genova84119d ago

I waited for the PC release of GTA V. It was awful. Should have bought the PS3 version and been done with it.

kevnb119d ago

they will probably delay it and release it close to when the next gen re release happens. Rockstar have learned that they can get people to buy their games twice by only releasing for certain platforms at a time.

starchild119d ago

I personally won't support that kind of business practice. The vast majority of third party developers release their games on PC and don't hide their plans to release on PC. What Rockstar/Take Two are doing is shady. They know the game will sell well on PC, but they hide the existence of the PC version to get people like me to cave and just get it for our console. Then later, after they release the PC version, we buy it again for our PCs, which is where we really wanted to play it in the first place.

Well, I won't reward that kind of behavior in a developer or publisher. I have a huge backlog and more games on the horizon than I even have time for. So I can wait for the inevitable PC version. And if I'm somehow wrong and it never comes (which, let's be real, is exceedingly unlikely) I'll just go ahead and get it for my console in a few years.

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