Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Features Series’ Biggest Map, Has 50 Levels of Character Progression

Ubisoft promises tons of content, places to explore and stories to experience.

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Dark_Knightmare2145d ago

I’m excited for this game but it’s not hard to have the series biggest map when 60 percent of it is water. Origins map was huge even with 2 regions being water and 4 desert and I don’t see this One touching that. Now with all that said I’m still getting the steelbook gold edition like I did with origins and I can’t wait to play it

doggo84145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

There's zero point in making the map larger than Origins... Origins size was overwhelming and felt like it was big just for the sake of it. Bigger certainly doesnt make it better

Johnyra145d ago

I always thought ac series is beyond repetitive.They should focus more on the mechanics and gameplay

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toddybad145d ago

Wish they'd stop making games bigger all the time. Origins had about 1/3 of an interesting map, 1/3 empty space (desert or water) and 1/3 repetitive filler.

Make the game smaller but less boring.

BlindMango144d ago

AC Origin's oversized big empty map was its biggest problem, then its next problem was repetitive meaningless tasks. They're doubling down on that? Man what a turn-off for this game...