Should Gamers Be Worried For the PlayStation Brand

The week after E3, PlayStation gamers should be talking about Last of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding, and at the very least build the hype towards Spiderman PS4. Instead, Fortnite cross-play controversy has dropped on the very slow news week to dominate as the must talk about issue in the industry, which has led some fans to worry whether or not Sony is going back to their arrogant past. The Trophy Room host, Joseph and Kyle talk about whether or not gamers should be apprehensive about Sony and PlayStation, as they transition into the next generation.

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masterfox1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Almost 80 million PS4 units sold and counting, now shat up with this ridiculous articles! :D

DigitalRaptor1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

Man these over-dramatic negative articles are an absolute hoot!

Sony is arrogant because they had the courtesy to tell gamers IN ADVANCE that they were focusing on deep dives of their biggest 4 upcoming first-party games, some VR and third-party at E3, and given that they've already announced the vast majority of their first-party games for the rest of the generation from most of their studios (setting the bar for amazing conferences for this generation), who could be expecting too much else? The ignorant, is who. Sony is arrogant because they aren't bending to the will of the loud minority who actually care about cross-play, while the rest of the majority continues to keep supporting PlayStation in one of its most successful generations? Like, they're arrogant because it has to happen right now or the industry is in jeopardy or something? Makes me laugh. Sony is focusing on what matters... GAMES, and they can leave the service crap until later... just like Phil Spencer left games until very last on his priority list, and it still seems that way.

This is just more privileged whining.

NewMonday1134d ago

the Sony plan worked because the popularity of the 4 big exclusives is through the roof, they were the most watched and talked about exclusives in E3. PS4 used to just manage one or 2 and the reset of their announcements would lost in the clutter.

xHeavYx1133d ago

Looks to me that people from camp #2 and camp #3 are worried about PlayStation.

Skull5211133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

Lol Sony never left behind their arrogance.

I don’t think there is anything to worry about, it’s just same ol’ Sony, ignoring fan feedback and doing their own thing, doesn’t really seem to bother people though. I appreciate a company listening to its fans though and evolving their product to make it better.

Dark_Knightmare21133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

Yeah these rags smelled blood and went for it. The fact is in another week or two this will die down and we will go back to the status quo. The internet is a very small and very vocal minority of gamers while the majority of gamers couldn’t care less about crossplay it’s just something for fanboys of other consoles to troll on and for these online rags to write ridiculous articles

fiveby91133d ago

Sony is in no way arrogant. Producing games for gamers is not arrogant. They have been far more consistent since PS4 launched than MS could ever dream of. Sony doesn't react to Xbox fanboys whining about cross-play as they are not even Sony customers. This is a complete non-issue from my perspective. Plenty of players on PSN now. Clearly, MS doesn't feel the same for their platform. This is clearly some orchestrated effort by MS marketing to sully their competitor but in reality, it has no relevance to their platform. MS clearly asking their fans in the 'press' (and I use that term lightly), to write these articles. It won't work. Nobody cares what MS does.

clockward1001133d ago

You said it perfectly👍👍

Muzikguy1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

Privileged whining indeed. I can't believe all these articles that act like they're starting their own angry mobs or something. Give it a rest already


Is that true? I think I remember seeing MS claim they had the most viewers (not that I'd believe that but you know)

ABizzel11132d ago

It's only a problem if it isn't addressed for next-gen. They have nothing to worry about for the next year and a half - 2+ years.

kreate1132d ago

Is it OK to say that I'm genuinely worried about the Xbox brand.?

I'm really not worried about the PlayStation brand at all. I don't think anybody is.

G3ng4r1132d ago

You may not care about crossplay and other sony-dedicated will say the same thing because it's become the standard line of defense against critism from the rest of the gaming world outside of your minority. Anyone who thinks no ps4 owner is annoyed about their epic account is a fool.

Not worried, no. We've seen this sort of thing before and remember what happened last time they became prickish and arrogant, ms and nintendo made their wii60 scenes and sony fell out of favor for most of that generation. At this rate ps5 will be the new ps3 before sony is humbled again and the cycle repeats. As of right now they're fine in terms of exclusives but patience will wear thin with all but the most commited as consumer opinion matters less.

1132d ago
Aenea1132d ago (Edited 1132d ago )


And I appreciate a more honest company to one that lies, steals and cheats, same 'ol MS too...


And as for cross-play, well it would be nice to have I suppose but am not missing it.

The whole Fortnite thing is something Sony gets the blame for but I believe Epic is to blame as well.
Sone has certain rules (which the other 2 have as well but somehow are lenient with it when it comes to Fortnite, one can wonder why that is....) about being able to move stuff you bought on PS4 to another console and to not be able to do cross-saves.
Since Epic doesn't know the difference between an account created on PC, all the money spent on PC, but used once on PS4 and an account that has been created on PS4 and money spent on PS4 is an Epic problem, not Sony's. Sony doesn't mind in the first instance if that account is then used on another console, nothing that was bought on a Sony device is being moved, no 'perceived income' lost. The other way around they would want a game dev to make sure that items bought on PS4 can't be used on another platform and since Epic doesn't keep track of what is bought where (and with the whole first buying vbucks, then spend the vbucks later makes it actually rather difficult to keep track of it) Epic decided to just use "oh, used once on PS4, now you can't use it on another console" instead.

So since Epic knew about these rules way before Fortnite was just an idea they could have anticipated this somehow. And on the other hand Sony might at least be a tad more lenient in the future to make it easier on devs (and consumers)...

TLDR; to just blame Sony is silly

JackBNimble1132d ago

Someone tell me why everyone other than PlayStation fans are begging for Ps4 cross play.

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ULTp0ltergeist1133d ago

pffft, slowly becoming irrelevant btw. Time to start rooting for great games instead of being a hardware fangirl.

GamesMaster19821133d ago

Great games? You mean that what Sony provides the best variety of.

ULTp0ltergeist1133d ago

yes! No point in repeating 80 million. Time to move up, better games.

fenome1133d ago

I honestly don't give a shit about crossplay or fortnite, Sony first party keeps launching dope games so that's the least of my worries. I've seen a lot of 'concern' over this though, it's funny

Eonjay1133d ago

No one cared until Microsoft went all in on PUBG and Fortnite ate its lunch.

Markusb331133d ago

Fake outrage from other platforms that hate Sony but want the best for Sony gamers please. Talk about jumping on a narrative and going over board

subtenko1132d ago

yea i sitll dont play for nite either, not dissing the game, theres just a lot of other games and stuff to do

fenome1132d ago


Yeah, I'm not trying to diss fortnite, it obviously appeals to a whole bunch of people, it's just not my type of game. I'm not big into online multiplayer so fortnight and crossplay doesn't affect me one way or another.

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TGG_overlord1133d ago

I hardly doubt that Sony will have to cry themselves to sleep over lack of sales and awesome games anytime soon.

Aceman181133d ago

Not worried here as they keep providing me with games I want to play, something that not can be said about the other HD console.

I actually think Sony will allow crossplay once they figure out how to make sure PS gamers don't have to create an Live ID if they don't want too. Or that they make sure that this doesn't benefit MS or Ninty in the slightest.

Until then ppl just gonna have to wait, and stop their entitled ass bitching.

3-4-51133d ago

Not much to be worried about except they won't have the same advantage going into next gen as Microsoft won't make the same mistakes, which makes it a closer race from the beginning.

I can't wait for next gen honestly....this gen has just been kind of a stop gap waiting for the tech boost so we can get a true next gen.

imtiyaz61133d ago

MS never beat PlayStation. PlayStation is a bigger brand. It won’t happen, just stop. Unless Sony shoots themselves in the foot.

Aceman181133d ago

No matter what ppl say MS will NEVER win a generation outright for a few simple reasons.

1 they are only popular in 2 regions US, UK, and if they can't sell 50 mil units a piece in both you can forget it.

2 MS is NOT popular in the rest of the world.

Even with the year and half headstart the 360 had the lead didn't last because the Playstation was popular worldwide.

gobluesamg1133d ago

A stop gap for xbox fans. This has been and continues to be an amazing generation for Sony fans. Amazing games>pixel counts.

KickSpinFilter1132d ago

I have been gaming from the start. And this by far is the best generation I have seen. PS4 has just been amazing, I'm blown away with the quality of games.

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Muzikguy1133d ago

This is ridiculous. All this is is media making a frenzy out of nothing. It happens all the time. The articles will stop if people stop writing them. There's no reaon to make this into a bigger issue than it really is

rainslacker1133d ago

Well obviously, with PS becoming a cornerstone of Sony in recent years, they're going to botch it up going forward. /s

Drithe1132d ago

The ONLY reason Microsoft and Nintendo want cross play is so they can plant their little employees playing with Sony games to tell them how awesome MS and Nintendo are. AKA they want to convert Sony gamers to their side. Want to bet there would be issues with Sony connections and not MS and Nintendo? Then you would see on this site opinion pieces about it and how Sony would suck for it.

Sony doesnt need them. MS for years has been trying to get Sony to do this. Don't do it Sony.

Starman691132d ago

Playstation have won the next round with ps5 as well BTW 😂

zerocarnage1132d ago

well the vast majority of those sales was early on and mid way through not towards the end.

You people go off as if all 80million were done in a week which is ridiculous itself.

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P_Bomb1134d ago

[Quote]PlayStation gamers should be talking about Last of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding, and at the very least build the hype towards Spiderman PS4... [/Quote]

Who says they’re not? I don’t go to Fortnite articles looking for Spider-Man.

UCForce1134d ago

I’m not into online gaming that much really. I’m started to lose interest since 2015. I only talk about the game what I love the most. I love HZD, Sniper Elite 4, Uncharted 4, God Of War and i’m going to love Spider Man as well.

UCForce1133d ago (Edited 1133d ago )

The only game i enjoy the most which have Coop and multiplayer including SP mode. It has to be Sniper Elite 4 because you can level up your rank of all modes on offline mode expect MP mode. Even Rainbow Six Vegas 2 have that, too. Why developers and publishers don’t have this ? Because it’s was less modernization and way better than MT.

generic-user-name1132d ago

Tomb Raider dev calling TLOU2 demo fake because it looked so good. I'd say things are fine.

DeadSilence1134d ago

Someone looking for clicks.

SuperSonic911134d ago

Their PS4 hatered means nothing.

jagermaster6191133d ago

I'm an Xbox guy and I do agree with this statement!

TheSplooge1133d ago

There may be hatred with some of these articles, but there are so many niche titles on both the ps4 and xbox one. Now imagine bringing those communities together to enlarge the player base on both platforms. That would be great for everyone. Sony may have their reasons for rejecting crossplay, but i think the pressure will overcome them. I would definitely love to play some Battlefield with my cousin between PS4 and Xbox. I would love to own both systems, but i barley even have time to play on my X1. Mac and PC users can get along, why cant we? 😛

SuperSonic911132d ago

@ The Slooge
Last generation I really wanted that to happen between Pas3 and Xbox gamers out of good will. Sony was open to FFXI crossplay.

Heck I was dreaming of a unified gaming platform or game. Ps3 vs Xbox players. David Jafffe was also campaigning for such thing to happen but MS and Nintendo were too arrogant last gen.
They don't want anything of that.
So here we are now in reverse.

blackblades1133d ago

Hell yeah this and that days gone may flop articles are so ridiculous.

Gardenia1133d ago

The ones who scream the loudest are the haters who think they got something on Playstation because of cross play. Truth is no one really cares about cross play except for a few Fortnite teens, but you can't take them seriously

2pacalypsenow1134d ago

Sony is staked for the next 2 years with games.

So no.

SuperSaiyanGod411133d ago

Only ones talking about this issue are Nintendo and Microsoft fans saying Sony should be worried from fortnite because this game is huge. Sony will be ok from locking people out of one game. Epic makes tons of money from PSN to even complain about it so they gave Sony exclusive content to bundle to help sell more ps4's lol. Yes it's about money and epic is getting tons of it from PSN users. Welcome to America where it's all about making that mighty dollar lol.

chrisx1134d ago (Edited 1134d ago )

the PlayStation brand is the undisputed gamers champion. with games like spiderman, tlou2 etc incoming, after god of war etc, gamers have nothing to fear. the games are endless.