A scary, frantic E3 moment showed me what the show has lost

How one developer’s meeting was completely derailed.

letsa_go2222d ago

Awwww poor former football player got scared and wasn't able to eavesdrop on a conversation to write a clickbait article...but somehow managed to do it anyway by acting like a drama queen!

porkChop2220d ago (Edited 2220d ago )

He wasn't eavesdropping, that would imply he was spying. He asked if he could listen. And that wasn't even the point of the article, clearly you missed it.

monkey6022218d ago

The media created this very issue with E3 by mass marketing it. If this is the outcome then it's their own doing.
Saying that I dont understand people. I'd love to meet Kojima and get an autograph or a picture taken but I would never partake in a mob and hassle the man either. I don't get the panic.

Sidetrack here but I actually met Troy Baker and Nolan North last year. Quite peacefully I approached them at comic con said I loved their work and moved on. I was offered an autograph or photo but I had to pay for them so I said nope. Just wanted to meet them. Which I did. No hassle to any of us just a brief exchange of decencies


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MestreRothN4G1d ago

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