51% of Gamers Don't Believe in Gaming Addiction, 93% Feel Media Are Unjustified on Games & Violence

According to a survey by Qutee, 51% of gamers don't believe in gaming addiction and 93% of them also feel media obsession with linking games and violence is unjustified.

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XiNatsuDragnel117d ago

Facts ! People shouldn't be influenced by the media without actually playing a game of Overwatch,etc...

Alexious116d ago

Hopefully in twenty years media will better represent gamers.

thorstein116d ago

About 20 years ago, it actually did. We can only hope.

Skull521116d ago

Lol, gaming addiction is real so 51% of gamers are dumb. I don’t like anything being blamed for violence except the perpetrators themselves.

nitus10115d ago

As long as there are games that are violent and/or controversial you are always going to have someone or group that has an agenda of demonizing those games. It is not just games but anything that certain people feel that offends their myopic and/or bigoted (I am trying to be nice here😛) perceptions and/or sensibilities.


You are quite right, the media now seems to follow their corporate masters. (go 3:00 minutes in if you don't want to watch it all).

115d ago
pinkystinkinc116d ago

addiction to gaming is better than addiction to drugs or alcohol but is supplanting one habit to replace another healthy who knows

thatguyhayat116d ago

Addiction to gaming can be quite bad, i used to have it i would skip education just to play games and such. Missing months of it. I got my act together and limit to how long i should play. But nowadays barely got the time cause of work. The adult life

CP_Company116d ago

You ever imagine that alcoholic or narcoman could get act together? 0 chance. A lot of people die, destroys other life , steal, lie, even kill. Any gamer done that? And how many from millions. People just blowing this out of proportion big time. This is just f some sort of agenda.

thorstein116d ago

After an 9 hour gaming session, I can still walk to my car, drive it and pick up groceries without endangering another person.

rainslacker115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

Gaming isn't a physical addition like you get with alchohol or cigarettes or things which actually alter your mental/physical state due to an external chemical stimulus.

Gaming addiction is a mental addiction that comes from lack of personal control and people making it supplant other things to compensate for something or fulfill some other desire.

As such, it's easier to break a gaming addiction than a chemical addiction. It doesn't mean that it can't be disruptive to people's lives, and it shouldn't be downplayed, but the reasons for the addiction are different.

Being addicted to games would be more like being addicted to something like sex, or activities that cause you to have a rush of adreneline.


An addiction doesn't have to be something that alters your state to the point of being unable to function otherwise.

The 10th Rider115d ago (Edited 115d ago )


You're kind of right.

Yes, there are people that play games too much and should probably cut back. However when it has truly progressed to the point of "addiction" then an individual has condition the reward circuitry in their brain to associate it with playing games. It's been a while since I studied it, but as far as I remember, to put it in very basic terms, playing the games would result in the release of dopamine and elicit a pleasurable response. Not playing the game would lead to stress and anxiety because the individual is unable to get that reward. Essentially once they reach the point of "addiction", it is chemical.

Getting addicted to video games would be more difficult than getting addicted to a substance that directly affects you chemically, such as alcohol or drugs. However once someone is addicted it's still a very real addiction that does affect the chemical pathways in the brain. It is definitely hard to break.


You do realize that a large number , I'd venture to say the majority, of both drugs and alcohol addicts appear perfectly fine most of the time? Sure, a gaming addict isn't going to be quite the same danger to others as some drug and alcohol addicts, but I think you're vastly overestimating just how dysfunctional most drug or alcohol addicts are and underestimating how much of an impact a gaming addiction could have on the rest of someone's life. That being said, there's definitely far more alcohol and drug addicts.

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Goldenarmz116d ago

No addiction is good, yes some people will trade one addiction for another. But sometime if it gets out of hand, it can be detrimental to your health. Whether its video games, shopping, gabbling, alcohol, drugs, sex, all addictions can come in many forms. And since Gaming is relatively new I can see how people can become addicted to it.

Skankinruby116d ago

I kicked a really bad alcohol habit and games was my vice. Too much of anything is bad but whenever I get a little craving for the bottle I just turn on the ps4 and everything's fine. Doesn't need to be a bad thing.

yeahright2116d ago

Like with everything in this context, moderation is key.

thorstein116d ago

It can curb eating too, since it's hard to chow down while running around a battlefield.

yeahright2116d ago

It's just video games turn. what it all comes down to is find anything to blame other than guns. It was music during columbine, it was movies, it was comics, etc etc...

Gh05t116d ago

You misspelled parenting.

yeahright2116d ago

That's been blamed too. It's always something, anything but the guns. You're just not on board with blaming games because it's one of your hobbies.

thorstein116d ago

Funny thing: video games have been proven NOT to increase violence. In fact, violence has decreased as violent media/ games have increased.

As for guns, education prevents violence. I mean, real education. The more educated a populace, the less violent they are. Since the late 1990s education has increased dramatically in the USA, thus we have seen such a sharp decline in violence.

It's because when people receive a good education, they have something to lose.

The 10th Rider115d ago

Yeah, I really don't think games are going to have an impact someone's level of violence unless they're either truly addicted, in which case they can go through withdrawal, or they're already susceptible to violent actions in the first place.

Gh05t116d ago

"That's been blamed too. It's always something, anything but the guns."

Says the person blaming NOTHING but the guns.

yeahright2115d ago (Edited 115d ago )

But guns are the issue. Sure all those other things might play some small part in individual circumstances, but what it really comes down to is guns. Take those away and it goes down to next to nothing. Proof? Look at how many shooting australia has had in the past decade compared to us.
Again, the only reason you're not on board with blaming games is because now they're going after something you enjoy. Nice try at deflection though.

The 10th Rider115d ago


Guns may play a part, but it's completely clear they're not the only thing contributing. There's been a rise in the death toll and frequency of mass shootings despite guns being just about as easy to get and just as deadly years ago. There's also been a rise in attacks using cars, acid attacks in London, etc . . .

Clearly it's a wider issue other than just guns.

yeahright2113d ago

@10th rider. yes, I already said my piece on that. There is an underlying issue/s yes, but we can still take steps to limit the amount of deaths. While we try to figure out how best to tackle said issue, we can keep a larger number of people from dying. Will they find another way to kill people, certainly. Will we still be seeing as high a body count? highly doubtful.

Gh05t115d ago

"Again, the only reason you're not on board with blaming games is because now they're going after something you enjoy. Nice try at deflection though."

Deflection? Not once have I said that videogames are not a problem in the last 5 years. In fact if you went through old articles blaming videogames where I commented you would know that. But again and again you think I'm defending something because it's something I "enjoy".

I agree if you removed all guns obviously "gun violence" would stop. But I personally don't look at an issue and worry about the method I worry about the cause. Why does there seem to be an uptick in "Violence" by younger people. Taking away one method doesn't solve the cause. I don't want to treat the symptoms I want to find the problem.

yeahright2115d ago

So in your opinion video games are part of the problem. So would you be in favor of censoring video games? Since they're part of the cause of the problem and all.
So you don't want guncontrol because you want to tackle the "real cause". and while you do that thousands upon thousands die when it could be hundreds. I hope you really understand what you're saying. apply that logic elsewhere. We need to find out what causes shoplifting, until then, no security cameras, no guards, no theft protection, just say it's the parents' fault. tough luck shop owners.

Gh05t115d ago

So you stepped in your own crap twice assuming something about me that is completely false and then when I point it out rather then back the hell up you doubled down and decided to go swimming in a manure field of your own misunderstanding and faulty logic.

"So would you be in favor of censoring video games?"


"So you don't want guncontrol because you want to tackle the "real cause"."

dont jive. If I didnt want gun control why the hell would I want to censor video games? Also the USA has TONS of gun control regulation, which you would know if you decided to look. Now we can debate on its effectiveness and most importantly its enforcement but to pretend like we dont have any is ridiculous.

"I hope you really understand what you're saying"

I do understand what I am saying, clearly.

"We need to find out what causes shoplifting, until then, no security cameras, no guards, no theft protection, just say it's the parents' fault. tough luck shop owners."

Again you are the one using ZERO logic in your argument. We currently have cameras, security guards, and theft protection but we still have shoplifting. Also that security is there to protect the shop owner. Why do you think I wouldnt want to protect shop owners? Im all about the right to defend your own property remember I AM PRO GUN. Why the hell would I not want someone to be able to defend themselves? How about you start using some logic before you keep drowning and making your own arguments sound terrible because you keep trying to punch holes through mine.

yeahright2113d ago

They don't jive? You don't want one thing because you want the other. let me put it a little more simply for you. You don't want to blame the guns for gun violence so you're blaming video games.
You said that you never said video games weren't part of the issue and clearly you don't want gun control. Those two things both apply to you. Now you can say they don't. but you can't have your cake and eat it too. If you don't want gun control because you don't weant to blame the guns, then you need to blame something else. Clearly being on this site, you're a gamer so you're right, I assumed you weren't going to blame games, but you shocked me by refusing to say as such.
So that means one of thwo things, either you want to censor video games because you believe it is part of the cause of so many deaths due to gun violence, or you're ok with letting games go uncensored and having more people die because gaming causes people to buy guns and kill people.
I don't know why you're talking about my analogy like it's about armed robbery, it was about shoplifting. but anyway. You didn't understand, neither what i was saying or what you said. so I'll explain the analogy. You said you want to tackle the "real cause" and therefore don't blame the guns because they're just a symptom. In the analogy, shoplifting is the gun violence, the security guard, cameras and such are gun control. You saying you don't want gun control is saying you don't want security guards there to stop shoplifters in this context. your reason given is that you want to tackle the real cause of shoplifting.
So you'd rather that shop owner continuously have his goods stolen because you don't like that a camera is looking at you until you make your purchase and leave and/or You want to figure out what causes people to shoplift. now let's bring it home. You're saying the real cause isn't the guns, so leave them alone, it doesn't matter that innocent people, children even, are dying at such rates, just leave the guns out of any discussion. I say take the guns away from those senarios and you have far less deaths. IE, hire security guards and install cameras and you have less shoplifting incidents.
Like you said, shoplifting is still happening. Now ask yourself how much worse would it be without cost saving measures in place. apply that same logic to incidents involving gun violence. Sure you'd still have instances but how many less with some proper gun control.
And yes, we have some limited gun control. But it's barely anything. You can buy a gun because you can buy a drink. you can be on the no fly list and buy a gun. There's a way you can be a hardened criminal with a history of domestic abuse, armed robbery etc and still buy a gun because of a lack of universal background checks. Something that the NRA was for but is now against. Why? follow the money. NRA gets a boat load of money from gun manufacturers. And their goal is to sell more guns. Ever wonder why from their point of view it's not just that guns aren't to blame, they're also the solution. What? children died at a school shooting? simple, give the teachers guns and have shoot outs in homeroom.

Gh05t113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

"...but you can't have your cake and eat it too."

I am not trying to have my cake and eat it too.

I dont want more gun control laws (in general, or at least the ones most people mention) because I believe it is a violation of the Bill of Rights.

I dont want video games to be censored because I believe it is a violation of the Bill of Rights.

Thats not having my cake and eating it too, that is being consistent.

I am the one who understands that with great power (Freedom of speech and right to bear arms in this scenario) comes with great responsibility. And just because "Some" people wield that power to do evil things does not mean you remove it from others again especially since it is a part of the Bill of Rights.

Maybe you glanced over the part where I put a lot of weight on the parenting, on how children are raised, what they are taught, and how they value morals.
Yes I am fully aware that this will happen again and again and that does truly sadden me but I am not about to give up the things I love because some parent failed their child or because some maniac wants to hurt people. There have always been people like that and there always will be.

I also understood your shoplifting analogy I just think its a terrible analogy. And no I didnt turn it into armed robbery. I just said I would clearly let the shop owner use whatever means necessary to defend thier property from shoplifting. That is me being consistent. Unlike you I wouldnt REMOVE all the items out of the store and deny the shop owner the ability to do anything until we figure out how to solve people from stealing because you wont solve it all ever.

"There's a way you can be a hardened criminal with a history of domestic abuse, armed robbery etc and still buy a gun because of a lack of universal background checks."

This right here proves you have gone off the deep end and dont know what you are talking about.

There is no LEGAL way to do that. There are illegal ways for this to happen, but even after universal BG checks there would still be ILLEGAL ways for this to happen because you didnt stop the crime, all you did was make the legal gun owners attempt at buying a gun more difficult.

BY LAW you can not own a gun and have done what you just said irregardless of how you obtained it meaning another law wont prevent anything. Someone who breaks one law doesnt care about another.

And the no fly list is another violation of the Bill of Rights and Due Process...

yeahright2113d ago

So now you're changing your stance and claiming consistency. Now you don't want to blame video games... again. the first time I said this you pulled a "gotcha" by saying that you never actually said that. Now that I go with your new stance, you're switching again. because consistency...somehow.
So you feel guns give you great power and you love them. That says a lot. I don't need to say anything on that, just hope you can reflect on what you said.
And no, I addressed where you blamed parenting...twice. And like I said then, it's just another thing to blame so we leave the poor guns alone.
now you said you understood my analogy but nothing you have typed showed that. "I AM PRO GUN" so you would want the shop owner to protect himself... that shows you didn't get that it even was an analogy, you were taking it literally. And again, you go on to say I want to remove all the items from the store. So no, you didn't get the analogy and you still don't. I didn't say remove all the items from the store. I said install sercurity cameras and hire guards. gun control does not mean take every single gun away. It means universal background checks, age limits, assault weapons banned, etc.
And with the universal background checks, again that's the essense of my point, a point which you seem to continually ignore or are unable to grasp, limit the amount of deaths while working on the underlying issue/s. You seem to think I believe that there's a way to end all gun violence, I don't. Yes, it would be illegal for them to do that. Not the point, the point is that forcing a background check would prevent said criminal from having such an easy time to get a gun. the same way shoplifting still happens, the same way criminals will still get guns. that doesn't mean give up and take away all the cameras and guards. That means you hire guards and install camreas to limit how bad the problem can get. This is the same situation. because he can get a gun illegally doesn't mean we say "oh no, guess we shouldn't do background checks, there's a way he can get a different gun." I'm sorry you'd have to wait a couple days before getting your gun, but if that's the price of stopping a criminal with violent tendencies from murdering people even easier, I'd say you need to suck it up and deal with it.
"Someone who breaks one law doesn't care about another". Ok so why have any laws? They're just going to break them anyway. Besides, it's the parents fault if they do anything wrong.
But anyway, I'm done here. you keep changing your stance to suit whatever you happen to be saying in the moment, and you don't seem capable of following a simple analogy even after I break it down for you.

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bluefox755116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Really depends how you want to define addiction. Some people have addictive personalities, and can turn any hobby or routine act into something that resembles addiction. I don't think it's a mental affliction like depression or anxiety that can manifest itself through no fault of the victim. People with addictions have to take some responsibility, because after all, they got themselves there in the first place. That doesn't mean there isn't or shouldn't be treatment for those people. People are too rooted on the extremes when it comes to the "Is addiction a disease?" debate. It's not a simple yes or no answer, there are elements like physical withdrawal symptoms that are real (at least with drug addiction, I'm not sure about things like gambling), but at the same time, as I mentioned before, you do have agency.

The 10th Rider115d ago

Things like gambling, gaming, sex, etc . . . can have a withdrawal because once you've reached the point of addiction you've altered the chemical pathways in your brain.

Nicknasty116d ago (Edited 116d ago )

Sorry, but cable news and mainstream media are FAR more addicting and dangerous than any videogame! People are glued to cable news and let it control their lives. They live by it, it makes them think different of people, causes all kinds of tension and hate. At least games don't cause racial tension and all the violence were seeing these days.

I think it's the media that is creating so many of these school shooters, by showing and giving so much airtime to the punk loner that carries out the shooting. In their twisted mind they feel like they are getting attention and have become somewhat famous for having there mugshot plastered all over television. At the same time it's ratings for the media. When you really think about it, the media is pure evil and a huge problem. They keep the world [email protected] and don't wanna see any good in the world, because it's not good for their ratings. They want to keep us divided. Its part of their plan. F the media!!!!

Let's ban all cable news, the real problem!!! Leave our games alone!

thorstein116d ago

All they do is lie to us. 1984, my friends.

There is no journalism, only Newspeak.

The 10th Rider115d ago

You are right about news being addicting. We've seen the rise of incredibly biased news organizations that are more worried about viewership than honest and reliable reporting. How do they increase Viewership? By telling their audience what they want to hear. Well, the audience then either gets a rush of adrenaline because they get riled up, or they take pleasure in the fact that the news story is telling confirming their own views. This is made even worse by social media, where people can then share these articles and get likes from people with similar views, further rewarding themselves for it.

And I'm not discriminating against either side. People from both sides of the political spectrum do the same thing and there's biased news stations for both.

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