E3 2018: Yes, Reggie Knows How Much You Want Mother 3 and Animal Crossing for Switch

IGN: Reggie acknowledges the desire for lots of franchises on Switch, but can’t make any promises yet.

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FallenAngel1984177d ago

If Operation Rainfall can give the western market The Last Story, Xenoblade Chronicles & Pandora’s Tower then it can get it Mother 3

RainbowBrite177d ago

I'm not so sure about Mother 3. It has a hardcore fanbase, and I'd certainly buy it, but I don't know if it's popular enough.
It's more like a cult series

princejb134177d ago

I agree it was good for its time but maybe if they change things around like seen your character actually hit your target might make it more popular. People like to see animations. The original mothers didn't have those animations