What has Nintendo done for us lately?

The Vgtilt goes all in against Nintendo and compares their last 10 years to Microsoft's last 8 years. Who comes out the winner in the end?

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Lolliflop Lolliflop 5216d ago

They've made sure to beat Microsofts console which costs less than their console,so long as Microsoft loses I'm always going to be smiling and laughing at Xbots

Shaka2K65215d ago

Nothing besides ripping people off and abusing their poor little fanboys they are the most pathetic even more then xbugs, xbugs are trash, but the nintendo nerds really need to die they are all just human waste Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!

ChickeyCantor5215d ago

All you said in that post was :
I hate this that and that.

Same f*cking post over and over again, you never say something good.
Grow the F*ck up =/.

TheColbertinator5216d ago

You really dislike Nintendo,don't ya Silogon?

Silogon5216d ago

Ya know, I really did. I grew up on nes, but something changed around the Sega Genesis days and I never looked at thm the same again. Ii will always love the nes and even the snes to a degree, but Nintendo has held the industry back, I really believe this. I think Nintendo is more worried about making the most profits off of the least products.

This is just my opinion and I have nothing but their actions to back me up with, but I stand by the claim.

ChickeyCantor5216d ago (Edited 5216d ago )

" but Nintendo has held the industry back"
How the hell are they holding anything back?
They keep the industry healthy(getting in new people) and Sony and MS push hardware limits.
what more do you want?

Hope nintendo keeps trying to be like this ( not hardware wise, but their mindset to get everyone playing and actually get them like they got them with the Wii)
This way when some part of the industry starts crashing down it has something to lean on. Especially with the economy now coming down in many places those high development costs aren't helping anything.

" I think Nintendo is more worried about making the most profits"

hahahahahahah, seriously when was the last time Sony or MS donated you when you got one of their systems ? XD

MS and SONY would like to have the most profits too.
But for them it will just take some time, for example if Sony didnt care for profits they wouldnt be selling the PS2 on that price tag today while the hardware is extremely cheap to make nowadays.
No profit in that right? after 8 years?
yeah right they don't care for profits, but if thats what you believe xD

sloth33955215d ago

nintendo gave us the rumble pack for games, the Wii which is the best selling system this gen. bumper buttons, some of the best platformer games

somedude58925215d ago

I love Nintendo but the last few months have been really down.

The next game I'm really looking out for on the Wii is the new tails game. and that's not till Christmas.

kunit22c5215d ago

but it looks liek this holiday season and next year their game is going WAY up!

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The story is too old to be commented.