Everything You’ll Want to Know About Pokeball Plus

After a demo with the Pokéball Plus, Brandon Bui talks about what the device is capable of, and how it impacts the game experience of Pokémon Let's Go.

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MrSwankSinatra117d ago

I think it's pretty stupid that I have to buy that stupid poke ball to get mew. I hate when nintendo locks content behind stupid crap like amiibos and other stuff.

Signal13117d ago

This game is pretty stupid period. Also, I’m willing to bet you have a Mew or two already.

MrSwankSinatra117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

game looked decent to me, except for the poke ball and pokemon go stuff. also i haven't played a pokemon game since crystal, which was 17 years ago. i only enjoy the first two generations of pokemon for obvious nostalgic reasons. nice pun at the end btw. 😁😁