Yes, We’re (Almost) 100% Positive We’ve Figured Out the Location of the Elder Scrolls 6

"At first glance the short teaser trailer that they showed didn’t look like much, but as Howard stated later on during an interview, the Elder Scrolls community is notorious for picking things apart and figuring things out from the tiniest of details. And that’s exactly what we’ve done. After analysing this teaser extensively we are positive that we know where we are headed to next in the Elder Scrolls 6." Shawn Case, Gamer Professionals.

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-Foxtrot119d ago

I'm hoping it's Hammerfell and High Rock. You can't really do High Rock on its own as it's too narrow in structure and wouldn't make a good map but joint onto an existing region it'll be great.

The last locations that are left unexplored in the main games are either smaller then the other ones already done or they don't sound like they'll have much variation going off lore. The only way they can get past both of these issues is if they join the last regions together. High Rock and Hammerfell, Valenwood and Elsywir, Black Marsh and possibly a return to Cyrodil or Morrowind, either that or add in a load of islands off the coast too small to be charted on a map. Summerset Isle is a perfect expansion map for the future DLC.

nucky64118d ago

sounds like a good plan!

pwnmaster3000117d ago

Am I the only one who wants valenwood

zeuanimals117d ago

Nah, me too. I wanna see massive tree cities and the forests. I wanna meet a group of fringe Wood Elves who still practice cannibalism, and you can join them.

But I also want the continent of Akaviri. I don't think we're ever gonna get it though. Atleast, not a full game.

Bahamut117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

I'm curious what they'll name the game. High Rock and Hammerfell both sound mediocre for a game title, so they'll probably go with something else (for instance, Elder Scrolls IV's location was Cyrodiil, but the game was called Oblivion, due to the oblivion gates), so I'm curious if they'll do something similar.

-Foxtrot117d ago

I don’t know, I like them called after the region they are in, Oblivion should have been called Cyrodiil

However set in two cities i wonder what they’d call it



ProLogY117d ago

Bethesda is not consistent with scaling in their games, they could do High Rock, but at a larger scale in game compared to Skyrim.

Still I agree, it is such a narrow province, doing both Hammerfel and High Rock would be better. Or portions of both, perhaps around the Idilac Bay for example?

Gameseeker_Frampt117d ago

I just don't get this whole argument that geographic size is some predetermined factor for the quality of a region of Tamriel. Is ES III Morrowind worse than Skyrim since it is a smaller geographically? Why is it not ok to have High Rock as a game even though it is bigger than Vvardenfell?

Just because High Rock is a smaller province than Skyrim doesn't mean that its game map would be smaller since it could be done at a more realistic scale. High Rock also has actual cities which Skyrim lacks and they could really develop those into a much larger part of the map and game-play experience. Geographically, High Rock contains forests, plains, swamps, mountains, and tundra as well as numerous islands so plenty of map variety (something Morrowind and Skyrim lacked).

I'm not saying I want Elder Scrolls 6 to be High Rock, but based on what they have shown it makes the most sense as the location. It is the safest location for them to do - being a combination of The Witcher and Game of Thrones. The technology isn't quite there to make Black Marsh or Valenwood accurately. I think the likelihood of them making an Elder Scrolls game based around the beastfolk races is also pretty low so that takes out Elsweyr too. Summerset would be the best choice since we would get to see the other side of things from Skyrim's politics. I do not think they will ever combine provinces in a game since that is such a lazy way out and would dilute the experience of the game.

ShawnCase09117d ago

Games are like anything else man, bigger, bolder, and more beautiful than the last!

babadivad117d ago

Hammerfell would be awsome.

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ShawnCase09119d ago

Personally I was hoping for summerset isles to be the main setting, but oh well I'll take anywhere as long as they are working on it! I agree and the case for Highrock just isn't strong, with the evidence in this piece, Hammerfell seems the logical destination.

Bahamut117d ago (Edited 117d ago )

Hey, maybe they'll make everyone happy and it'll include all three locations people keep talking about. It'll be called "Elder Scrolls VI: High Summerfell Isles"

Jinger118d ago

We saw High Rock for sure, but I have a feeling we will be seeing another region as well since High Rock is fairly small compared.

masterfox118d ago

This is definitely going to take a while, nonetheless the announcement was freaking awesome!.

Chaos_Order118d ago

I'd actually like to see an Elder Scrolls set in Black Marsh, home of the Argonians. It might not be glamorous but the rainforest and swamp settings could make for some interesting outdoor stealth opportunities and show off the visuals.

PhantomS42117d ago

Also, more importantly, Argonian Master Race!

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