Nintendo Drops the Banhammer on Switch Pirates After Release of Modchip

Nintendo has begun banning users who have attempted to go online after running a pirated game through the use of a recently released modding solution.

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Bhuahahaha145d ago

if you pirate just STAY OFFLINE and dont be a greedy $%##@ that try to use an offline feature too

badz149144d ago

what online features? LOL

Bhuahahaha144d ago (Edited 143d ago )

yeah my bad. was in a hurry~dont go online i mean

DarkZane144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

I am sure pirates are shaking in their boots. They can still update the Switch firmware, they can still update their games (even the pirated ones) and they will eventually be able to install DLCs and updates manually anyway. The only thing they're losing is really the ability to go online and I bet most of them don't care.

UltraNova144d ago

If and when Nintendo goes big on part then maybe it will hurt hackers.

Evilryusam144d ago

probably not, i'm sure they'll just buy another console just to play games online.

tontontam0144d ago

paid online will entice more users to mod their switch.

Opinionatedlovesme144d ago

Exactly. Thats what you get when you release a system that can be modded by an eleven year old.

Cobra951143d ago

There was a story here recently claiming that Nintendo will know if you've used your console to play pirated games, even if you haven't played them online. Whenever you do go online for anything else, they'll know. Don't know if it's true or not.

Sirk7x143d ago

They will, until someone develops a work around. Whenever you go online, they can see an activity log, and they have pretty advanced ways of checking a game's data now to figure out whether or not it's legit.

Sirk7x143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

They're aware they can't stop the piracy on the console at this point. What they can do however, is try to limit those people from interacting with others on their console online. Not only would they be able to hack and ruin multiplayer experiences, it creates security issues for other users. You never know how creative someone is going to get.

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lociefer144d ago

If you're stupid enough to go online with your pirated games you deserve the ban, just stay offline ffs

kevnb144d ago

Staying offline means you have banned yourself, may as well go online and update your games since Nintendo allows even a banned system to do so.

chris235144d ago

alle three of them were banned? if i do not want to buy it and play it why would i pirate it? totally beats me.

shaggy2303144d ago


Not everyone has the same ethics as you sir, unfortunately some people believe the follow:

"I wasn't going to buy the game, therefore if I pirate it they aren't losing sales"

I mean using their logic I could go and steal a Ferrari, I mean I was never going to buy one anyway, so they aren't losing a sale.

shaggy2303143d ago (Edited 143d ago )


I assume that what your trying to say is pirating isnt the same as stealing, except it really is. Just because you say it isn't, doesn't mean it's true.

Here's the definition of stealing. "take (another person's property) without permission or legal right and without intending to return it."

You saying all these pirates are returning the games they've stolen?

Cobra951143d ago

If I steal a Ferrari, its owner no longer has it. The only way to compare copying software to getting a Ferrari without paying is with a Star Trek replicator. The car owner still has his ride. You get a perfect copy of it.

kevnb144d ago

pirates download pretty much every game they have vague interest in, some of them buy the games they like. Heres the thing though, most of them will praise games they like and actually cause a sales increase.

shaggy2303143d ago

If your talking about the report done a few years back showing that pirated games = increase in sales. You do realise that the European Commision that wrote the report admired that there was a 45% error margin, that's not great.

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