Remedy Developer Says, "All of Us Want to See a New Alan Wake Game"

During a conversation about Remedy's newly announced title Control, a Remedy developer talked about one the studio's past projects, Alan Wake, and the potential of one day returning to it.

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Hardiman147d ago

Good I want you to make a new Alan Wake game too!

chrisx147d ago

Alan wake is easily one of my top 10 games of last gen. a sequel would be dope.

Hardiman147d ago

Yes really was worth the wait and wound up being one of my favorites of last gen as well! Now that's an exclusive!

147d ago
Lovable147d ago

Good game, but definitely not worth to be at least in my top 100.

StormSnooper146d ago

Alan Wake game would be awesome.

MuddyWaters146d ago

I really liked the whole concept of the first one but playing it wasn't the greatest. I think with a little extra care and time it could be a very good franchise.

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Aceman18147d ago

Loved AW make it happen Remedy when you can, I was disappointed in QB.

joab777147d ago

Yeah. Odd comment! It’s like Valkyrie Chronicles and making all these mobile spinoffs when everyone just wanted a sequel on console.

I get that they wanna make new games with new ideas, but ya can’t make a game like Alan Wake and then not make another one for a decade.

mark_parch146d ago

shame Microsoft turned down remedy's original pitch for alan wake 2. I would have much rather had alan wake 2 than quantum break

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-Foxtrot147d ago

They should see how Control does and think of Alan Wakes future because going multiplatform now it gives them more chances of getting a sequel made.

From what I've seen online Alan Wake is owned by Remedy but the publishing rights to Alan Wake is by Microsoft, not sure how true that is but if it is then maybe Remedy can work on a deal or do something like Alan Wake: The Full First Season edition with the added DLC. Then they can work on a sequel to the game.

monkey602147d ago

I think Alan Wake would stand a much better chance at success than something set in the Quantum Break universe. Even if it was on a single platform.

-Foxtrot147d ago

I don’t think this is set in the same universe as Quantum Break

Courtney Hope who plays the lead in this was also in Quantum Break as way they’d pick the same actress as the lead in this if they were the same Universe

RainbowBrite147d ago

So If you want an Alan Wake game, and we want an Alan Wake game; How come you are making us Quantum Failure and Control and Crossfire?

Goldenhawk521147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

lol nobody bothered to explain themselves or respond to anything you asked. Everyone just did a quick “f**** you” by tapping on the disagree thing and moved on. Weird.

EDKICK147d ago

Alright then, I disagreed because the article clearly says that he can't say why they haven't done another Alan Wake......It's like a paragraph and half in.....Also because I liked Quantum Break and Control looks awesome so if Remedy keeps making awesome games I could honestly care less what IP it was. So there.

RainbowBrite147d ago

@EDKICK hey, enjoy your game-as-a-service

EDKICK145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

Hey, we have absolutely no evidence that it's GAAS besides one interviewer saying it sounds like it may have GAAS elements to get clicks. If it's truly GAAS I won't play it. I make my decisions on the game itself not a single headline. Maybe me explaining that for the forth or fifth time will help you understand.

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gangsta_red147d ago

It seems every interview Remedy does they say this and yet they come out with another game.

Maybe they can't make another because MS really does own the IP.

monkey602147d ago

Alan Wake did lend itself well to being a singular game too though. Maybe there really isn't anywhere to take the narrative.
I'd love another one but realistically it's not necessary for the plot. Perhaps they have no idea what to do with it.

Sirk7x147d ago

Microsoft funded Quantum Break. That was some idiot suit that thought people wanted to see a video as a high profile TV series. The problem with Alan Wake is that Western corporate bigwigs don't see horror games as anything more than a niche market.

EDKICK147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

But Phil Spencer and Xbox have said they're game for another Alan Wake that Remedy just has to want to, so clearly there are some behind the scenes issues with it for whatever reason. I doubt Xbox would turn away the good PR for doing another Alan Wake.

monkey602147d ago

I thought the idea of the live action episodes was interesting. I love when developers break the mould and try something niche. I'm glad they tried it.
I'm also just glad I can leave it in the past and hope nobody tries to recreate it's failings. I hated Quantum Break

aconnellan146d ago

"Quantum Failure"

lol, it was hardly a failure - it wasn't the world's next big hit, but it's recognised as a pretty good game.

To your second comment:

"hey, enjoy your game-as-a-service"

I'll let you in on a little secret... Any game that's ever had DLC, paid or free is a game-as-a-service... it's not a new thing...

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slate91147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Its crazy the amount of hate online this game received when it released. And how its completely changed now. I remember it all stemming from it not being fully HD or something like that?


starchild147d ago

Truth be told, it mainly got hate due to being an exclusive. Once the PC version came out (which is the version I played) and some time passed a lot of the hate subsided. When it was a fresh new game a lot of people felt the need to really downplay it any way possible. I always thought it was an excellent game.

Imalwaysright147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

But... but N4g was supposed to be a xbot website back in the day! How's that possible?

Seriously now, I played this game after TloU and it was for some time the only game that managed to keep me completely engaged because well, TloU is that good and so is this game.

gangsta_red147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Interesting right? That's what I was always told.

Prettygoodgamer147d ago

Although completely off-topic and mods will flag you, Alan wake released 4 years after the ps3 came out, the tides had turned people were buying ps3s and the hate was less extreme

How about link some articles like the "ps3 is doomed" or "bluray is doomed" or "hddvd to win" that frequented most games sites back then ? Or does that not fit the agenda so being pushed ...🙄

DigitalRaptor146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

I think it was hated on because Remedy changed what was supposed to be a much bigger open-world game with more player choice and a game to really push PC hardware, into something else. It ended up releasing on Xbox 360 exclusively at first, which pissed off a lot of PC gamers - who I saw blame the Xbox hardware for its "downgrade" and saw it as being robbed of a game on their platform of choice. I suppose it also was hated on for various reasons with it being exclusive to Xbox too from other people. It also didn't help that Xbox fanboys were trying to use Alan Wake as a basis of comparison to Uncharted 2, which is crazy, because we know that Uncharted 2 tears this game in half (I suppose like that one reviewer who called Quantum Break, "Xbox's The Last of Us").

I'm confused though... does one article somehow mean that Xbox prevalence from 2006-2010 wasn't a thing?

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Jinger147d ago

Control looks amazing. Can't wait to play it. Reminds me of a nice mix of Alan Wake and Quantum Break.

Brave_Losers_Unite147d ago

How does it remind you of Alan Wake??

Jinger147d ago

The supernatural twist of it all

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