NZGamer giving out 300 Resistance 2 beta codes

follow the link for your chance to recieve one of 300 beta codes.

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IzKyD13315220d ago

10 bucks says nzgamer is gonna crash tomorrow

Andrew_Ryan5219d ago

No thanks. I don't wanna play this generic mess.

thor5219d ago

Wouldn't you want to at least, you know, try it out? For free? See if it really IS generic and a mess? No because you don't have a PS3.

mirroredderorrim5219d ago

What if I bought, then sent you a PS3 and this game to go with it?

El_Colombiano5219d ago

It's amazing the mods just look over you. You NEVER have anything productive to say.

5219d ago
s8anicslayer5219d ago

yoou are a arswipe!why do you troll ps3 posts?get a life moron!stop flaming this site


wow...........generic mess can easily describe the hardware inseide a 360.

Sarcasm5219d ago

Yeah Resistance 2 is very generic. I mean who needs 200 bullets flying around at one time on the screen? Who needs 8 player co-op against 50 Chimeras that actually flank you at one section? Who needs 30 vs 30 MMO-like battles? Who needs lag-free gaming despite the 60 players in one server?

/my name

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FantasyStar5219d ago

They think they can replace ad-labor for a free code? I don't know about you guys, but I'd rather get paid REAL money for something like that.

Nice try NZGamer, ain't gonna fool me.

PSWii60 Fanboy5219d ago

Scroll to the bottom of the source page.
For New Zealand residents only.

elorm95219d ago

Yeah... I wonder how hard it is for people to go to Gamestop :|

PS3ALLDAY1225219d ago

already have the beta hahahah

DeThEoRy5219d ago (Edited 5219d ago )

its amazing they finally posted my topic i posted it early this morning in hopes of winning a code myself

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The story is too old to be commented.