Will Skull & Bones Be the Next Sea of Thieves?

Enricko: Well, it's only good if there's anything to do. Sadly, Sea of Thieves had very little to offer, resulting in many to jump ship and find something better to play.

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corroios120d ago

Its impossible. This game wont have just two boats, one type of enemy, empty sea...

TheCommentator119d ago

Or swimming, or land to explore, or ship invasion with hand-to-hand combat...

It's sailing with cannons on board.

Meanwhile, Rare has two years to produce expansive DLC content to broaden the variety and story of SoT. S&B doesn't seem interested anything but ship-to-ship battles.

TheCommentator119d ago

Considering all S&B is right now, even getting to the content level of SoT would be an improvement.