GameStop Expects "Feeding Frenzy" For PS5 And Next Xbox

The retailer says it expects to be the market leader yet again when the PlayStation 4 and next Xbox launch.

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masterfox120d ago

Well that's pretty obvious unless Nintendo releases a god damn real gaming console to give some competition as well, not like the current thing called Switch that is just a console wannabe that is great who likes decade old games, low level ports, and some droplets by Nintendo exclusives games library.

JaguarEvolved120d ago (Edited 120d ago )

Who other than a Xbox fanatic would buy a next generation Xbox? The pc is a much better choice because xbl is free on pc and you'll be able to play all the Xbox games.

I'm quite sure a lot of people are looking forward to the ps5 since the ps4 had a lot of exclusive games and is the best console this generation

firelogic119d ago

I think Xbox will be successful because they bought 4 studios and put together another one. They'll have one studio making a State of Decay game, another one making a Forza Horizon game, one making a We Happy Few sequel, one making a Hellblade sequel, and another one making a massive AAA game.

Skull521119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

I wonder if they’ll refuse to sell them when they get the news they are disc-less consoles?

Sony franchises are never day one purchases so I’ll be waiting for what I feel will be the inevitable PS5 Pro before I join Sony next generation, and I’ll get half the generations games at a massive discount - but whatever Microsoft is cooking up I’ll have on preorder day one, probably two of them.

SickSinceSix119d ago

@Skull521 I remember some game stores refusing to stock the PSP Go because it was an all digital system.

SarkyPlays119d ago

Some people just plain and simple prefer th simplicity of a console where it’s a closed system and you don’t have to worry about driver problems and the like. Also, you can bet your dollar that the next Xbox will beat out any pc built at the same price

Prettygoodgamer119d ago


Sony have already said there will be no pro version next gen. You maybe should stop talking crap all the time.

Skull521119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Link to where Sony said that? Would change my mind if that is true most likely.

conanlifts119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

The problem with your comment is you also sound like a fanatic.
Firstly PC s not a viable option for most due to the purchase cost.
Next if your friends game on console you need a console as not all games offer cross platform play.
Some people prefer gaming on a tv and not all PC's are connected to TVs.
Another point is the cost of gold is easily offset by the ability to resell games, something you can't do on PC.
I am sure there are other reasons but these are all valid.

Muzikguy119d ago


I’m thinking there won’t be a Pro version either. They won’t be releasing VR amid gen and they won’t need to accommodate UHD either since PS5 will already be doing that.

letsa_go118d ago

@SarkyPlays lol I haven't had driver problems in like 15 years. Nvidia and windows update that stuff automatically now.

G3ng4r118d ago

Can't wait to see sony and its emo games humbled.

mochachino118d ago (Edited 118d ago )

@ Jaguar "Who other than a Xbox fanatic would buy a next generation Xbox"?

Probably millions of people that want to play all the games with good enough graphics and performance for $400 (especially if 60FPS becomes standard), instead of spending $1000-2000 on a PC. Pretty sure MS is going to ensure the next Xbox is the more powerful console this time but it mostly depends on what platform your friends are getting so you can all play MP together.

I game 95% on PC, but I see the appeal of console. PC gaming is not cheap or hassle free and most friends are still on console and most multiplats are not cross-play.

UnHoly_One118d ago

You can get Xbox Live Gold for free just by using Bing as your search engine.

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lxeasy120d ago

Damn so much hate and fear coming from the both of you ps fanboys lmaol

Scatpants119d ago

Also people that like handhelds. It's the best handheld ever made.

KwietStorm119d ago

masterfox, the master of the redirect.

3-4-5119d ago

Nintendo will be deep into year 3-4 by the time all that releases and next Switch won't launch until terms of a brand new full next gen Nintendo release.

Nintendo from now on are going to lead the industry for 2-4 years, and then Sony & Microsoft take the lead, and then they rotate.

Nintendo this way can compete and have the advantage for a few years while not having to compete against Sony & Mcirosoft for the highest specs.

This allows them to keep their console at a low initial cost which they profit from right away, and then when they want to lower price, it's already lower than competition plus has established games.

* PS4 was already established with tons of games when Switch launched. Nintendo had to compete against that. Now Sony & Microsoft will have to compete against Nintendo in year 3-5 of the Switch, when it has a ton of games.

Each time the new system gets to be new and have that be a selling point, and the console that has been around, gets to still sell via having a large game selection.

It's a model that allows all big 3 to operate and stay profitable in this new video game era and it's a great idea for all three.

Glad Nintendo took the risk, but it's benefiting everyone, including Microsoft & Sony for next gen.

mkis007119d ago

Except Switch is actually losing momentum right now. Look at npd data so far this year ps4 hasnt lost.

UltraNova119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

The switch will be considered an obsolete last gen systen when both ps5 and xb2 come out. The Irony is that its already considered obsolete and you have Nintendo to thank for that since they marketed the switch as a console as well and not only as a handheld or at least put more weight into the handheld aspect of it; the moment they did that the switch was automatically compared to the other two real consoles in the market. Your comment bares no logic.

Akarogg 118d ago

Lol at the random out of the blue Switch bashing

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ElementX120d ago

If Gamestop is around that long.

Father__Merrin119d ago

Certainly for ps5 depending if price is right. All that's required is 60fps visuals running in 4k that will be sufficient imo at £399

Unreal01119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

If my £2000 PC can't do that, then a £399 console certainly won't be achieving that anytime soon. Maybe the odd game is possible.

paintedgamer1984119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

Consoles already prove that on a closed system (not a pc) they are able to acheive much more more on almost all aspects with far less. If you had the same setup in a pc it would never be able to run a game like horizon zero dawn as well with ps4pro comparable pc. Plus console games are far more optimized than pc games where pure brute strength can make an unoptimized game run far better. And i shouldnt need to tell you any of this. When even looking at the xb1x which will prob be 399-
449 by this xmas, its quite incredible for that price its able to run far cry 5, with 4k textures, on high settings, at 30 fps... the only thing that console is lacking is a better (current gen) cpu like ryzen and other minor** tweeks to be able to hit at the very least 1800 60. So yes... by 2020 the ps5 could very well be running near native 4k at 60 fps for 399-499. Which is laughable as most pc guys (elitist) like my brother look at the specs of the xb1x and go thats dog shit... lol and even show why and this and that... anf then i show him far cry 5 running on it or the witcher 3 and hes left scratching his head.

jukins118d ago

@unreal01 that's PC for ya but ps4pro and xbox1x are already doing 4k60fps. Maybe limited to mostly sports racing etc but still if these consoles are able to do it or at least get close no doubt in my mind that next gen consoles will be very capable of 4k 60fps. Especially when you factor that amd is specifically making its next gen gpu for consoles (initially).

Akarogg 118d ago

Father Merrin, how the heck can you be that ignorant

DialgaMarine119d ago

GameStop is probably praying to every god and deity that PS5 and Nexbox will still have physical disc drives. For sure PS5 will.

Prettygoodgamer119d ago

Ps5 will def have a disc drive, and if they aren't doing a pro version like they said it will be an all out full console noo holds barred I imagine.

Scatpants119d ago

The next generation will be interesting. Microsoft got stung hard partially by being the weakest console this generation. I think both companies know the other is going to bring it next gen. I wouldn't be surprised to see cool special gimmicks to make each console unique. My guess is next gen is when microsoft joins the VR party. I wouldn't be surprised to see them also release some kind of gun that is better than the aim to establish themselves as the VR shooter console.

DialgaMarine119d ago

I feel like unless they plan on pricing PS5 insanely high, or taking a huge loss, then I can definitely see a potential PS5 Pro down the road.

BlackTar187119d ago

Why can't they do it right out the gate? 2 models, it's not that far fetched.

conanlifts119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

I think they both will. But I wouldn't be surprised if ms tried to offer a disc free model at a lower price. 3 sku's, a disc less, standard. ( Revamped X) and premium model.

I also wonder if sony will launch with 2 models.

j15reed118d ago

I just see maybe a diskless console at a cheaper price point and then the regular console with the X being the bargain console.

AK91119d ago

I’ll definitely getting both eventually (though only one of them on release).

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