Prey demo on its way

First Person Shooter fans can rejoice - the next demo to hit the Xbox Live Marketplace will be none other than Prey.

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The Real Deal6192d ago

We get to play the Prey Demo soon for free on xbox live. The screen shots look amazing. Its an exciting time to be a gamer.

PS360PCROCKS6192d ago

hell yeah finally another demo and a good one to follow up on test drive and lost planet

DG6192d ago

From what I saw at E3 I wasnt impressed but I wont judge until i play it because I said the same about Lost Planet and damn was I wrong.

The Real Deal6192d ago

When I was watching the coverage on G4 TV...They actually played it at E3 and it looked amazing. But soon we will all be able to play it and see for ourselves. Well, all of us that have xbox 360.

ACE6192d ago

what the hell ,,,, this game is a big tittle its gona be amazing ,,,, its one of the games that dont need to be reviewed....

cant wait

OutLaw6191d ago

They have put alot of time on it. I'm pretty sure when it comes out people will be pleased of how well this game looks and plays

schnodder6192d ago

i pray that this game plays good. graphics are nice + it's not a WWII fps.

joemutt6192d ago

You go to the spirit realm, and have to fight your way back to life, and get points for it too!

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