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Geobros1093d ago

Nice week for Switch and PS4 titles. Switch had 57.1% of hardware total sales, this is nice for Nintendo.

The 10th Rider1093d ago

Has been almost every single week except Golden week for like 3 months now . . .even with very few new releases.

thesoftware7301093d ago

The Switch is showing no signs of slowing down in the land of the rising sun.

Splatoon 2 is unstoppable! Another breakout Nintendo IP for sure.

So when people say all that is on Nintendo systems is Zelda and Mario...dont forget to add splatoon 👍🏾.

Prince_TFK1093d ago

Zelda, Mario, Smash, Pokemon, and now Splatoon are all Nintendo’s biggest franchises.

The 10th Rider1093d ago

Kind of.

2D Mario and Mario Kart are on an entirely different level, along with Pokemon.

Smash Bros and 3D Mario come in after that. Then you've got Splatoon and Animal Crossing, with Zelda typically coming in just behind those (typically faring much worse than Animal Crossing on handhelds, but better on home consoles).

Other than that Nintendo typically has a one-off wacky game that sells bonkers . . . Tomadachi Life, Brain Age, any of the Wii series. Those are always hard to judge, but they typically have one or two a generation.

There's also Luigi's Mansion and Nintendogs, which actually sell really well, but there's not enough entries in either series to really judge where they sit.

Sits something like this: Mario Kart > 2D Mario > Pokemon > Smash Bros > 3D Mario > Splatoon > Animal Crossing > Zelda . . . Luigi's Mansion and Nintendogs being up there, but difficult to place.

michellelynn09761093d ago

Wait until Octopath Comes out.

Zeldafan641093d ago (Edited 1093d ago )

A throwback to old Final Fantasy? It'll do very well in Japan, I'm thinking 300,000 first week and over a million lifetime.

michellelynn09761093d ago

Oh for sure. It is already getting great scores.

marloc_x1093d ago Show
ZeekQuattro1093d ago

Switch got a nice bump and Splatoon 2 is back on top despite being almost a year old at this point. Well played Nintendo.