The Fall of Command and Conquer

Command and Conquer used to be a behemoth in the world of RTS games. This was the game franchise that had Blizzard playing catchup for the better part of a decade until Westwood was bought by those greedy politicians at EA. What is left of the Command and Conquer name now?

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WilliamSheridan210d ago

This was one of the games that got me into PC gaming. Seeing EA destroy it really upset me. Between this and World of Warcraft, RTS games died.

kingeliran210d ago

i am an 80s child, westwood made the best RTS games of that time and made a revolutionary ideas that made RTS games what it is today, with westwood death came to life a better RTS company in my opinion which is
"Relic Entertainment" , they made (still making) the most amazing RTS games and added a new ideas to RTS genre with each new game they make, and now they are making "Age of Empires" which i expect to be a revolutionizing game.
i agree EA destroys everything it touches but not all bleak and the RTS genre still have a chance in the hand of "Relic"