There’s a Hidden Cypher in the New Death Stranding Trailer

Posted by Noelle Warner:
"Of course, nothing escapes the eyes of the internet, especially when we’ve been conditioned to scrutinize every frame of anything Hideo Kojima puts out. Russian Twitter-user Nik Ambors was one of the first to notice the code, and was able to decipher it only two days after the trailer dropped. Apparently, the pattern is inspired by the quipu method of record keeping, a system the Incas used in ancient Andean South America."

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chrisx209d ago

interesting discovery. kojima though.

morganfell209d ago

Exactly. That genius on display but not in your face.

UCForce209d ago

The puzzle is very clever. Even the song called “Answer” from low roar, we saw two people walked into bathroom and they have been consumed by black liquid stuff just like Death Stranding trailer.

Null1980208d ago

"Give me an Answer"

"Ok, I just did"- Kojima

"No, Give me an answer, dammit! I'm even more confused!"

Null1980208d ago

Two weeks later, someone decodes yet another trailer clue...

"Don't Forget to Wipe"


"Don't Forget to Wipe. Top to Bottom."

joinsideke208d ago

Super cool. Good find!

It's like watching a trailer to a game, or seeing something out of context early. It's this fun and fleeting feeling right now that we should all enjoy: seeing something that is bizarre and meaningless and leads to total speculation, but in a short while, we will revisit it and it will have an entirely new and complete meaning.

At least I hope. I hope this plays into DS in some fantastic cross-media way.

If not, cool video. Ok song.