Let's Remember Some Xbox 360 Games

Luke Plunkett of Kotaku writes, "I think we all took the Xbox 360 for granted. Other all-time greats like the SNES and PS2 seem to be remembered more fondly than Microsoft’s console, which tends to be recalled as more of a thing that happened than a platform to be treasured."

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JEECE1626d ago

A Kotaku writer pining for Xbox's golden years. I'm guessing there will be some good comments here.

Uglyday1626d ago

“WE”didn’t take it for granted, M$ did.

What happened prior to launch of the One up through current day with their marketing and focus away from games and consumers. The failure of the One has nothing to do with the 360 being great. In fact backward compatibility and the 360 is about all the One had/has going for it. Now M$ is dumping money into fornite articles to try and be seen as more than they are, a company that doesn’t give a damn about its fan boys or products.