Shadowgun Legends Comes To Nintendo Switch - Screens And Trailer

Shadowgun Legends is a hi-tech FPS/RPG shooter in which the player takes on brutal alien invaders laying waste to human colonies in distant galaxies.

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Zjet118d ago

Looks awesome, however after talking to Devs in forums etc, it sounds like it will be online only just like the Android/iOS versions,

Gamelofts Modern Combat 5 on Switch seems like it will be sold as a premium product as opposed to a free to play model like this one.

OhReginald118d ago

Damn for a second I thought it was another shadowrun fps...😔

GravelerMagnitude9118d ago

boy do i miss Shadowrun. I was a gust/glider combo user who played as an elf and sometimes troll with the katana bleeding out enemies.