New Steam tool lets you see exactly how much money you've spent

A new Steam tool lets you see exactly how much money you've spent on the platform. Use this at your own risk, as some buyer's remorse is sure to follow for some.

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Sillicur211d ago

Over $1000. GabeN, nooo, Staph!

mkis007211d ago

lets just say you are on the low end of the numbers ive seen others post...We buy games we never play...As a matter of fact just this week Ive purchased 3 games (all discounted at least 20%) for a total of $70. Havent started even one of them up. HELP ME.

Sillicur211d ago

GabeN has his clutches in you and apparently the Steam Summer Sale is starting very soon!

darthv72210d ago

I'm going to use this to see just how much my son has been spending on Team Fortress 2. He is crazy addicted to that game.

Null1980211d ago

$175.82 w 165 games since 2005.

I hardly ever buy directly from Steam. Usually hit discount sites and bundles.

Sillicur211d ago

Yeh Humble Bundle and all those other things don't count towards this it seems

Null1980211d ago

Yea, I hit them a lot. I also like Fanatical. (formerly Bundle Stars). I've used G2A before, but they're kind of shady so I stopped.

Gh05t210d ago

That just makes me more sad since I have bought a bunch Off of steam and still racked up a bunch on Steam.

chris235211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

hmm last game i bought on steam was ark survival evolved end of 2016 i guess. the steam platform is not very appealing if you‘re not blindly addicted to those sales.

Sillicur211d ago

Still waiting for someone to come in here and say "over 9000"

Razzer211d ago (Edited 211d ago )

$2000. Of course, this doesn't count keys you have purchased elsewhere like from humble bundle, green man, g2a, etc.

The Great Melon210d ago (Edited 210d ago )

I am surprised I spent as much as I did within Steam. Most of my purchases in the past several years have been external to steam at all those bundle sites.

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The story is too old to be commented.