Death Stranding YouTube Description Gives Major Hints Regarding Storyline

It looks like some of the biggest Death Stranding clues relating to the storyline might have appeared right before our eyes during E3 2018.

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LG_Fox_Brazil209d ago

Metal Gear Solid Zero: Death Stranding

UCForce209d ago

Sorry, Death Stranding have no connection to Metal Gear Solid.

D3TH_D33LR209d ago

Except there’s tons of nods to the metal gear solid series. Look close enough and it’s obvious

joab777209d ago

Some ppl theorized that DS is the ultimate MGS trick, even going as far as the Konami issue being set up. Crazy!

I just want the gameplay to be new and fresh. I wanted something 4th rail that gave us a new perspective on video games and the industry. We will see I guess.

OffRoadKing209d ago

Typical xbox fanboy: Lazy Trolling

UCForce209d ago

If you looked at the setting closely, it’s set in Iceland.

ocelot07209d ago

A story about a Iceland delivery driver who's van broke down. But that is not going to stop the delivery man delivering customers frozen food and veg.

Goldby209d ago

Actually wasn't the Va, but the bike that fell off the cliff. The van was his replacement lol

Null1980209d ago

With his trusty delivery partner, Fetus Cantdefeatus.

medman209d ago

My pizza better be warm when he gets here.......or they'll be a real Death Stranding.

ocelot07209d ago

@medman I want to know what Iceland you go to. My local ones only sell frozen pizza :(

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Jinger209d ago ShowReplies(1)
morganfell209d ago

Kojima is just too intelligent for certain people. You show them a Death Stranding trailer and they look like a dog that has just been shown a card trick.

"I donts like Death Stranded cause I needs evathing splained to me rights now!"

They are incapable of nuance.

TorpeAlex209d ago

Don't Rick and Morty this, for the love of God. I can smell your insufferableness from here.

OnlyThoseOnTheFence209d ago

Using Rick and Morty as a basis for comparing for anything is rather tragic already. You played yourself.

MetalGearsofWar209d ago

As a kojima fan, I'll say he's very smart, but not to a point where you have to downplay other's intelligence if they don't like what you like. Don't let kojima fans be seen in the same league as Rick and Morty fans, please.

morganfell209d ago (Edited 209d ago )


You misinterpret. I am not downplaying the intellect of someone on the basis they do not like what they see. It is those people incapable of comprehending Kojima and his tried and true methods despite his numerous games and decades in the industry. They scream like impatient children who cannot have their way because they fail to grasp him or his methods. Not liking versus an inability to comprehend. A vast difference.

MetalGearsofWar209d ago

Inability to comprehend? Maybe they don't want to. Some play games to relax.

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Apocalypse Shadow209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

It's sad isn't it morgan? These kids are really something.They claim they play Hideo Kojima games but don't understand his methods after all this time. You know what's funny?

Hideo came out with PT years ago that didn't tell gamers anything. All we got was a surprise demo about a hallway. And in that hallway, there's no guns, there's no traditional enemies, but that mysterious hallway revealed more as you walked through the door.

And it turns out that it was a Silent Hill reveal. Surprised everyone including the fact Norman Reedus was in it. And Guillermo Del Toro was working with him too before the game got canceled by Konami.

Hideo does the same cryptic thing like the hallway with his Death Stranding trailers, and gamers are acting dumbfounded. It's surprising these gamers are that sad when Hideo is doing the same thing to them and they can't figure that out. Maybe they do need GaaS games with no substance. They no longer use their brains. Too much phone use.

morganfell209d ago

I wish I had written your post. You are spot on and the PT demo is an ideal illustration of his unique talent. I cannot count the number people that posted on forums trying to find a way to obtain PT once it was pulled because they had seen it and had yet to download or else they picked up a PS4 too late. Everyone wanted that game and more developers than I can count, large and small, sought to emulate it. And though they may have succeeded in some ways they ultimately failed to duplicate what Kojima and his subtle genius provided.

Apocalypse Shadow209d ago

Yeah. I remember the hysteria of people trying to make sure they held on to that demo for their systems. Talking about how they loved how Hideo played with their minds and the big reveal. Too bad my PS3 died with it on the hdd.

Couple of years later, mass lobotomies. Where gamers need hand holding.

Apocalypse Shadow209d ago

Oops. Wrong system. Lol. I forgot. I didn't buy a PS4 yet and waited. That's how I missed it and was too late to download.

Was still waking up. My first post was more fresh.

Tankbusta40209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Jeez this is the same rhetoric a certain political party in America also likes to use as a fall back. "If you don't like it(or think exactly like me) you're just stupid!"

Kojima is NOT a genius, and I have loved and enjoyed the Metal Gear series since the NES. This cult like following he has attracted is mind boggling. I hope for all your sakes that this game isn't a let down because if it is your gaming world will fall down around you. If you enjoy his work and want to be optimistic thats great, but all these posts trying to tell people they are stupid because they didn't like his trailer is just so elitist and pretentious.

morganfell209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Reading isn't your strong point is it? No. No it is not.

Where did anyone state someone is stupid because people do not like his work? People have mental capacity issues because they cannot comprehend his work. They dislike what they cannot understand.

Dislike versus comprehend. Can you not grasp the difference between those two distinct ideas? Your post says you cannot. Your own words say you cannot. Perhaps next time peruse the other remarks in the thread.

And let's be completely honest here. The reason certain people do not like this particular work can be summed up in a single word. Exclusive. To clarify, a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

I have no doubt that as sure as the sun rises I will be enthralled by this latest Kojima effort. It is coincidentally like watching a Mikkelsen performance. I just know it will be good. By some wild occurrence where the future is manipulated by angry Redmond supporters and the game does not hit on all cylinders it does not change my gaming world.

You need to go back to your amateur psychology class because you obviously and laughably know nothing about how I see games.

Kojima isn't a genius? You are wrong. That's every game developer and a legion of gamers > you.

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343_Guilty_Spark209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

Death Walking 🚶‍♀️

UCForce209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

So you do have your agenda to hate Kojima, don’t ya ? So how was Metal Gear Survive, hud ? A game that was so mediocre and gameplay is major downgrade from MGS 5 and story is way worse than MGS 5 story and shady business from Konami. Kojima put 4 death Stranding trailers that have a puzzle and we know some answers. So it’s not a random trailers.

UCForce209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

So don’t try defending Konami for their bad behavior. Konami treat Kojima and his team like expandable tool. And don’t forget about Konami canceled two Kojima projects which was PT (Silent Hill) and Zone Of The Enders 3.

Bhai209d ago (Edited 209d ago )

"Death Walking"

Hehe yeah it was funny, but darn man, we 'objectively' know this game's gonna rock hard, I really love your wanton skepticism, its all you can do right now when even the last MS XB1 train left devoid of anything other than gears/forza/halo possible launch-ables and we PS fanboys told-ya-so from 300 miles apart ;) :D

So yeah we're gonna savor you guys' suffering with the ultimate trailers and previews that are to come for this game... hehehe esp. YOU! the guy who thinks CrackDown3 looks RAD when a 12 years old PS3 game 'objectively (again)' stomps on it even being non-HD ahahahaha XD

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