Fortnite: Sony can afford to be arrogant

Analysts tell us that they don't expect much business impact from the cross-play policy, and that's the real bottom line for Sony.

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-Foxtrot147d ago

But they shouldn't...

But at the same time cross play is something we honestly don't have a clue what's going on behind closed doors.

It's something Sony needs to work towards but at the same time it's not going to slowly kill us as each day passes without it.

JaguarEvolved147d ago

So Sony is being arrogant by not giving advantages to their competition and lose money also. Why don't Sony start putting their exclusive games on other console as well.

darthv72147d ago

Well... that is a good point. Sony must hate $$ otherwise they would be putting their games on the PC. I mean, it has been said that is the biggest platform.

twiggytree12147d ago

^Putting games on PC would cost them console sales, which is a loss of money. Sony systems sell well and Sony games sell well, they have no reason to risk putting software on non Sony platforms.

BiggerBoss147d ago

I personally think that Sony SHOULD allow crossplay, but I completely get why they don't.

It does nothing but hurt PS4 sales of Fortnite, and considering the fact that Microsoft has denied them Crossplay for YEARS, why would they? Microsoft only wants it when it benefits them, because Xbox Fortnite players would have zero reason to buy the PS4 version.

ConsoleGamer147d ago (Edited 147d ago )


Exclusive games are there to attract gamers to the console but then sony makes the most money from psplus subscribtions and third party licensing.

It's sad that people still fail to understand how this works.

TheCommentator147d ago

No, Sony is arrogant because allowing crossplay with other consoles won't actually hurt their sales. You guys always talk about how exclusives are selling consoles and that would still hold true with 3rd party crossplay in place, right?

What they are actually doing is stopping their consumers from having the choice to play with who they want on the console they want with a 3rd party account. You must not care about your freedom of choice as much as how much money Sony might make from restricting you or you wouldn't be defending their stupid decision.

Godmars290147d ago

I don't think giving XBL access to directly competing platforms cause its only going to end in requiring having to pay for it. But locking 3rd party multiplatform apps to your system is as bad if not worse.

marloc_x147d ago Show
RauLeCreuset147d ago

1) It's not good PR for companies to publicly state a reason for doing something is to protect their bottom line. They usually try to put some pro consumer spin on it, because people are mostly interested in what is being done for them. There are situations like this in which companies cannot mask their self interests behind pro-consumer rhetoric, but people need to be realistic and realize that companies will look out for their own interests, even if there's no credible way to pretend they're doing it "for the players."

It's silly, and in some cases disingenuous, for people to latch onto that marketing line and expect every decision Sony makes to stay in business is supposed to be done for the players. That doesn't mean one has to be a sheep accepting anything a company does in its own interests, but it does call for some maturity and nuance in being able to be realistic while still advocating your own interests as a consumer.

2) Fortnite is a F2P title. There is no "sale" of the game for Sony to make money off of through licensing. Money is made by selling add on content. Sony isn't trying to facilitate the ability for to Epic access PS' larger consumer base and siphon those PS consumers off to competing consoles where a competitor will be able to profit from add on sales that would have otherwise gone to Sony.

3) I would say that the Switch represents the bigger threat in this scenario, given its popularity and ability to play the game (and buy add on content) on the go. Here's a scenario. I get introduced to Fortnite through friends on PS4. I'm allowed to carry over my progression and bought content from my PS account to another console. I decide to play Fortnite on my secondary console, the Switch, so I can play on the go. While playing on the go, I buy some add on content. My money goes to Epic and Nintendo. Sony gets nothing for granting access to their consumer to Epiq and facilitating my transition to the Switch ecosystem.

4) This is not really an issue of cross-play. There are some "usual suspects" trying to conflate this issue, which inherently only affects PS gamers, with their tired attempts to follow MS' lead in bringing up cross-play to attack PS. They desperately seek PS gamers to serve as a veil of legitimacy to hide behind.

147d ago
TallonIV147d ago

Your comment makes zero sense lol

Sony is being anti-consumer. #NotForThePlayers

morganfell147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

And Microsoft isn't asking for crossplay because they are gamer friendly. "We're your buddies! Hold on while we cancel this game that you wouldn't have liked though a few months ago I played it and said development was going great!"

Microsoft is doing this because their mismanaged Xbox plans for world domination have ground to a halt and are now going in reverse.

Alucard_420147d ago

@TheCommentator you don't work selling consoles and games, you don't have a clue if it will hurt their sales or not, you have an idea. Stop talking like you know everything.

RauLeCreuset147d ago


The most insidious element of this is that while MS publicly pressures Sony under the guise of being pro gamer, they stand to benefit from their own anti-gamer policy if successful. PS4 has the larger consumer base. Therefore, there is a greater chance they lose money from an add on sale to another console than there is they gain a sale from players migrating from a competitor. But on top of this, MS locks their F2P behind a paywall, so they'd only be risking their Gold members buying on another console where Sony is risking all PSN members.

BradsGamingPlace147d ago

It's not losing money if they don't make it first. I highly doubt it would cost them billions to allow crossplay in these titles.

And, if they're so rich from being top dog of the generation, then shouldn't they be able to do something that only benefits the gamers? They're not going to going to be "losing money" if people play on other consoles, they'll only not be making a positive.

letsa_go146d ago

I'm just glad I don't have to play with these toxic xbox fanboys. Good riddance!

Yetter146d ago

Its bad for consumers. Its bad for developers and therefore, its bad for the industry

sampsonon146d ago

they can do whatever the f-ck they want to do.

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pinkcrocodile75146d ago

Come to think of it, Sony want's PS4 to be a closed platform. So with that being the case they should not share anything and ADVERTISE that fact, publicly.

ConsoleGamer146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

The random kryptonian

Keep dreaming! Most Consumers give a damn about crossplay in general and even less with xbox. And in addition ms in recent years made sure that it is highly probable that the vast majority of gamers outside of the usa don't know anybody who still games on xbox to begin with lol.

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Muzikguy147d ago

I don’t think they need to work towards it but it would be nice. These articles are getting annoying. Why don’t we see 5 a day about other companies locking the game behind a paywall? I’ll take the free f2p over crossplay any day

Muzikguy146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

I finally got the internet back and have yet to actually try this game

TheCommentator147d ago

It won't slowly kill you, but it speaks volumes about Sony's character and their decision is counter-intuitive to their slogan, "4 the Players". It's sad when even Nintendo makes fun of Sony for their poor community support.

BiggerBoss147d ago


Where were you when Microsoft denied crossplay with PS3 for Call of Duty? Silent, huh?

What about crossplay with PS3 for Battlefield?? Still silent?

But AS SOON as Sony is in the lead with PS4, you consider them the bad guy for not allowing crossplay with Microsoft??


Does that REALLY make sense to you?

bluefox755147d ago

Speak for yourself, I've been quite happy with sony's support.

Evaproject147d ago

been playing FF14 with my buddies on my PS4 and they are playing on PC. Square didnt make a Xbox version because microsoft didnt want to cross-play with sony and they didnt want to bother porting the game for just 1 console... Pepperridge farm remember.

Kokyu147d ago

Sony supports its community pretty well actually.

trooper_147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

So where was Microsoft and Nintendo last gen?

Why is this an issue now? Wow, I'm sure is has NOTHING to do with sales!/s

Why don't you ask Microsoft for better exclusives instead of whining about crossplay?

Sony brings the games. That's what I care about the most. I didn't buy my PS4 to be a paperweight.

TKCMuzzer147d ago

I'm assuming you complain about Apple and all these other companies that do similar things to protect profits and user base etc or is just Sony and PlayStation?
I mean if we want to get real, lets looks at Microsoft track record..............

Muzikguy147d ago

Sony lacks support? Hmm... that’s news to me

-Foxtrot146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Seriously that whole "bu bu but 4 the players" shit is getting old

It's one thing...ONE that in reality, on the grand scale of gaming isn't such a big thing, just a decent sized audience being more noisier then usual making it seem 10 times worse. It's only because the audience is with Fortnite and PUBG, two huge games at the minute everyone is buying into, there's obviously going to be a outcry.

They've done more things "4 the players" like their slogan suggests then things which go against that like this...seriously it seems like this one thing outweighs EVERYTHING Sony has done, it's a complete over exaggeration.

Would I like it to happen...of course
Does it need to would be nice
Are we are suffering as gamers as a whole...not really.

If it was about first party games or them shifting their focus towards TV/Media then I'd be p***** off.

TheCommentator146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Wow, touch a nerve with you guys? LOL.

So you're all going to talk about how it's oaky for Sony to have been more open about it last gen compared to MS, but only point out that MS was being greedy? Guess what... now MS are the good guys in this scenario and Sony is sucking ass.

You can all be okay with it, just like I'm okay with the fact that MS exclusives are enough for me, but unlike you fools I still admit that MS has been stupid to not focus on games since the middle of last generation. You guys won't admit that Sony is screwing you guys with crossplay. For once, just admit that Sony is making a mistake because they're not perfect and move on.

You fanboys are ridiculously shallow...

@ TCKMuzzer

Yes I do complain about them too. Every company should be accountable for their actions, and every company needs to improve somewhere, which is why I also complain about the things I don't like about MS.

Muzikguy146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

It’s not about nerve striking or any of that. You’re failing to see the big picture. Sony isn’t the bad guy because they’re not giving you everything you want and if you want to go that route MS is STILL greedy locking the game that’s supposed to be FREE to play behind a paywall.

TheCommentator146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

@ Musikguy

No, you're failing to recognize the shortcomings of Sony by saying it's not a bad decision. Locking F2P games behind a paywall is also bad. Like I said, I don't think MS is perfect and can admit it. You, and all your friends, cannot admit that Sony is anything less than perfect.

I prefer Xbox in spite of their flaws. You prefer Playstation and ignore theirs, which is why you're all a bunch of delusional fanboys and I am not.

rainslacker146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Sony may be for the players, but still keep their interests in mind. Their compliance standards exist for a reason, and the only way they'll change it for the players, is if those in the industry wanting it bring something to the table they can agree to have on their system.

Sony didn't spend years getting their compliance standards to where they are now just to change them at a drop of the hat. They analyze and review everything.

Some of those standards are there for business purposes, others are there for the consumer. Sometimes those policies have overlap, but not having cross play isn't really against the player, its just a feature they don't offer with other consoles. Since they don't in any way advertise or promote that they do this with other consoles, and hardly every mention it is available with PC, its not like they're deceiving the customer and being anti-consumer. Its not pro-consumer, as in it doesn't just give it away with the intent of pleasing them, but anti-consumer it is not.

That being said, Sony has produced a heck of a lot of great games for the players this gen, and only idiots take a marketing slogan as gospel by which all corporate business decisions are made, instead of what it is, a marketing slogan meant to get your attention. At least the slogan itself can respectfully be shown to be true with each game they release, and outside of this particular issue, and maybe EA Access which no one really cared about when it was first announced, Sony hasn't been denying their user base anything that they actually promised to deliver on.

If you care so much, why not fight for the players and demand that MS make minecraft updates and content available on the PS4 without the need for an XBL account? I mean....your concern is with the player right? MS brought the franchise, and since they brought it, they should be expected to support it. MS are the good guys right? Except when they aren't apparently.

someone72146d ago

Even taking competition out of the mix, sony has never been “for the players”. They continue to have the worst repair policy on consoles, they provide worse ps+ games when ahead, they refuse crossplay, they remove features, they push you toward paid subscriptions for old games you already have, their console updates are marginal at best, etc...

In short, their marketing message is for the players, and they are good at delivering the message, but they are still a business with profit as the goal. MS and Nintendo are no different, they just have slightly more consumer friendly policies at this time because it looks nice and they are both essentially rebranding.

Im hopeful that ms will crush it and force sony to open up a bit, but that all theee players will be about equal. That would be best for us, the players.

Muzikguy146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

“ prefer Xbox in spite of their flaws. You prefer Playstation and ignore theirs”

It’s not a flaw first of all. Like I said, it’s just you complaining because they’re not giving you what you want. Would you rather they DO crossplay but then charge to play a game that’s supposed to be f2p like MS does? If you can choose to accept MS even with their flaws why are you here trying to slam others for doing that in Sony”s favor? They’re running a business and it makes perfect sense why they won’t allow it. Just think about it I’m sure you’ll understand.

In the grand scheme of it all they’re still for the players. If you’d like we could analyze all of MS slogans like “jump in” or anything jump related, “all in one input one” and a few others.


Marketing slogans are usually the first thing I notice to be wrong with a company but for Sony and the PS4 they’ve been pretty good with theirs. Not perfect but still not bad

TheCommentator146d ago


I rest my case about you guys... Sony Defense Force to the rescue, LOL!!! Excuses, excuses, excuses...

Reply if you want but this is ridiculous so I'm out. In the meantime enjoy your gaming, sales figures, delusions, etc.

Muzikguy146d ago

I agree. Enjoy your delusions. Just because someone isn’t doing something you want doesn’t make it a flaw. You need to stop and think outside the box for once.

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yomfweeee147d ago

If Sony believes in the long run this will be better for their business, then yes they should. They are a business. They calculate the costs of their decisions. If they feel they will make more money trying to force people to stay on the PS4 versus customers they may lose due to the lack of this feature... they will keep this policy.

raygehq146d ago

I agree Foxtrot that this isn't as big of a deal as it is being made to be at the moment. I think it is a problem but obviously, one that Sony doesn't feel is impacting the bottom line. If they did... you know they'd suddenly be trying to get connected.

n1kki6146d ago

Sony can't afford to be arrogant, honestly the fortnight issue isnt a case of arrogance, its worry. They know a platform agnostic futre is imminent and MS can leverage the azure infrastructure as well as the 300 million windows 10 install to capitalize.

rainslacker146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

True they shouldn't, and you're right. No one here, and apparently in the media, has any clue about what's going on behind closed doors.

It's rather funny, people blame Sony vehemently over this, pointing to all these devs who said Sony denied them. But looking at it realistically, you had a few small devs said Sony said no. Well of course they did, it's not in their policies. Then the Tekken director who didn't seemed fussed about it, yet said he didn't know the cause, but it was likely a security issue....which is more than just hacking. Then people assuming Epic was making some statement by "accidently" allowing it in fortnite. Whether that's true or not I dunno.

But what I do know is that Epic, being Epic, doesn't need to be that passive aggressive about it, nor get the community riled up over it, when there were plenty in the community that were already riled up. I mean, it did nothing in the end, because it only reinforced the notion that PS gamers don't really care enough to demand the feature. But more than this, Epic doesn't need to use social media to try and get things done. Tim Sweeny, the CEO and co-founder of Epic, is in the top echelon of the industry. I'm not talking top 100, I'm talking top 10. He has Sony execs on speed dial. If he wants something done, he goes directly to them. He may discuss it in the media, but he's not going to start a campaign to try and make a big fuss about it....even if Sony continues to deny him.

Anyhow, Sony spent years working out it's cross play with PC. It didn't just happen overnight. They built API's and set standards to make it possible, so that now, any dev or publisher can easily make it happen in any game so long as they use said API's, and follow said compliance standards. But, fast forward to a couple years ago, and Phil makes some comment about how MS is ready, or willing, and some people jump on Sony as if they are evil, and have nothing good to offer the community. Maybe this would have been more acceptable a couple years later, but this kind of attitude started day one. Should Sony react the second something comes along. As if Sony doesn't look at changes to compliance and what's allowed on PSN with meticulous detail, and with much discussion with the parties involved, and like they would just accept whatever terms those they're working with bring to the table.

That just won't happen, and it's something that people need to realize.

Sony could very well indeed be working on this, but no one should have expected it to happen right away. Given that Sony has expressed that they don't feel they could moderate it properly, it looks like they actually have already discussed it with the powers that be, and at least at that time, they didn't agree to the terms. Because how would they know that they couldn't moderate such a thing to their standards if they hadn't discussed it.

There is so much said in this issue, but no one really looks at the bigger picture, and very few take the clues that are available. Neither company is going to outright say that they're working on it if they are, because NDA's would prevent it. However, if they weren't working on it, there is absolutely no reason why one company couldn't say that the other company refused talking to them. Food for thought.

This is one of those times a real journalist would be able to use a lot of extrapolation using what's been said to maybe come to a better potential scenario or story than, "Sony is evil", or "Sony is fine without it". There is a real story here that can maybe be found. Now all we need is a real journalist to find out and report what that story is.

amazinglover146d ago

I could care less about cross-play but why hold my epic account hostage, I haven't spent a dime on the game but now because my XBOX,PC and PS4 account are all tied to my epic account I can no longer play on my Xbox or switch with that account this makes no sense.

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BeardedDrachen147d ago

DarkCloud.. an employee for Sony and a member of the Youtube community, said it has to do with the algorithm of fortnite, and they don't want Nintendo and Xbox to have access to it.

TheUndertaker85147d ago (Edited 147d ago )


Considering both those versions exist and they’re both included in crossplay together wouldn’t that algorithm already exist on everything but PS4?

What’s worse is that’d effectively be an Epic algorithm, not Sony. So why is Sony then censoring and claiming ownership of a property that is not theirs?

“a member of the Youtube community” - Wtf? What does the “member of the YouTube community” have to do with either Sony or Epic Games? Why would they be providing information on an algorithm created effectively by Epic and why would they be privy to coding?

BeardedDrachen147d ago

Jesus. Don't crucify the messenger.

TheUndertaker85147d ago

I think I’d crucify a messenger delivering a message they don’t quite understand. Based on the idea you don’t know how to answer the questions presented.

What did you hope to accomplish with said “message”? All of the above would be easily answerable with a complete picture and understanding, neither of which are presented. 🙄

BeardedDrachen147d ago

No one has a complete picture and understanding of what's going on. Don't apply some standard to me when no one has that information.

BeardedDrachen147d ago

He said then when Sony does Crossplay with anyone, they have to give out their algorithm and database for the game. They currently just dont want to do that with MS and Nintendo for whatever reason at the moment. Probably because they don't want to promote the other platforms.

KillBill147d ago

@BeardedDrachen - why not? That would be like you yelling fire in the middle of a theater when no fire existed and then say... "Jesus. Don't crucify the messenger."

yomfweeee147d ago

@KillBill, that's just a terrible analogy. Do you even know what "don't blame the messenger" even means?

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shloobmm3147d ago

Reread what you just wrote and then apply common sense

BeardedDrachen147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

Edit: He said then when Sony does Crossplay with anyone, they have to give out their algorithm and database for the game. They currently just dont want to do that with MS and Nintendo for whatever reason at the moment.

TheUndertaker85147d ago

@BeardedDrachen: It’s not Sony’s algorithm nor game. Fortnite nor Epic are owned by Sony. This is third party work.

Epic created the algorithm already for Fortnite which will exist everywhere but PlayStation. Epic also created the game itself. Sony has absolutely nothing to do with either.

SirJoJo147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

LMAO Dark Cloud, that corporate slave on you tube that works at Sony trade shows for their TVs and has nothing to do with Sony Interactive Entertainment?

The guy that lies through his teeth about specific gaming information that he pretends to be in the know about because he works for a subsidiary of Sony?

The guy gets really angry and damage controls to the point of lunacy when anyone has anything remotely negative to say relating to Sony.

That guy?
😂🤣🤣 ok

--Onilink--147d ago

it already worked once by mistake, there is no "algorithm", Sony is blocking it so Epic doesnt do it. Simple as that

rainslacker146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

What possible algorithm could exist that isn't in all versions of the game, and how would that possible be relevant to the issue of cross progression with this game as the issue seems to be with the way that the accounts are linked to a 3rd party service?

Seems more that Epic maybe didn't do it's due diligence on setting up their account structure, because there are other games where cross progression is possible...namely, any given cross play MMORPG on PS4/PC.

Of course, there are some compliance standards which may be the problem, but I don't see how any algorithm involving the game would make that a it seems completely counter-intuitive to use different algorithms between different platforms.

As far as the database goes....that wouldn't be the case. The database is being held on Epic's server, and cross play API's do not in any way allow sharing of said database. If Epic set that up, then they are indeed at fault, and I wouldn't blame Sony for not allowing access. They may allow cross play with PC, but no one in the PC field gets access to their databases beyond the matchmaking servers, and it's through a highly secure API which the program doesn't access directly.

If MS and Nintendo are allowing their own databases to simply be access by other systems, then that's a huge security risk, and if I were still in IT security working for these companies, I'd certainly not recommend they allow such things. Never, and I mean never, do you allow such access on the whim of a 3rd party developer. I know MS not to be that stupid. I'm sure Nintendo has people that aren't that stupid. IF this is really the case for why cross play isn't allowed, or why cross progression isn't allowed in Fortnite, then yeah....Sony is doing the right thing, player be damned.

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rivaldoo777147d ago

The guy is right. Sony is far to successful to get impact from this situation. Keep crying lmao!!

BiggerBoss147d ago (Edited 147d ago )

I mean, you're kind of right.

Microsoft denied Crossplay with Sony for YEARS when Xbox was in the lead, but when PS4 is in the lead and Sony finally says "no" for ONE game, they're considered anti gamer?


Kiwi66147d ago

But it's not just been one game though

BiggerBoss147d ago


How many games did Microsoft allow crossplay with Sony in the 360 gen? Zero?

Oh I gotcha.

Kiwi66147d ago

They are talking about this gen so I don't know how what happened last gen changes the fact that it has been more than one game this gen, so you didn't "get me" as i stated a fact

BiggerBoss147d ago (Edited 147d ago )


So are you saying that the events that happened in the past 10 years don't matter?

Microsoft REPEATEDLY denied crossplay with Sony when they were in the lead, but as soon as Sony takes the lead, you start calling them the bad guy for doing the same thing?

As a PS3 owner, I would've LOVED to play Call of Duty 4 with Xbox owners. But Microsoft wouldn't let me.

However, as soon as Xbox is falling behind, Microsoft is suddenly "all for" crossplay. Pretty funny, huh?

Do you really not get what I'm saying?

Kiwi66147d ago

No that's not what I'm saying at all what i am saying is that the games in these kind of articles are from this gen, which even you can't deny so why are you twisting what I said and why don't you provide proof that I ever said they were the bad guy, because you will not find any

ClanPsi1147d ago

@Kiwi66: I don't have the numbers, but I'm fairly certain there are more cross-platform games playable between the PS4 and PC than there are between the XBone and non-XBox-store PC

marloc_x147d ago Show
Prince_TFK147d ago

If Sony had requested for crossplay that many times before then why do they need to reject it now? Especially since this lead to a very bad PR for them currently?

Kribwalker147d ago

“BiggerBoss5h ago

How many games did Microsoft allow crossplay with Sony in the 360 gen? Zero?

Oh I gotcha”

how many games is it documented that sony asked for crossplay last gen? Zero? Oh i gotcha

Atanasrikard147d ago

Why do you people keep going back to the same old argument. Are you a fucking 8 year old? Well, they did it first!! WHAAAAAAA!! You do realize that the people in charge back then aren't in charge now, right?

I didn't agree with Microsoft's stance then and I don't agree with Sony's stance now. The only thing crossplay does is keep a game going for those folks who want to continue playing the game after most others have moved on to other games. The fact that you agree with Sony's stance now says a lot about who you are. Which is a Sony fanboy and not a gamer.