Switch Success Is Due To Clear Marketing Nintendo Says Unlike The Wii U

The Nintendo Switch has seen major success and it is still continuing to see that success, it only took the Switch ten months to sell more units than the Wii U managed in its entire lifetime.

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Protagonist125d ago

But during the Wii U lifetime nintendo fan on this site kept telling me it all was fine and the Wii U was a succes?

PhoenixUp125d ago

Let’s further piss on Wii U’s grace by stating the obvious

Prince_TFK124d ago

Or let just answer questions when you are asked? What did you supposed they should do when asked? Scratch their asses like monkey?

2pacalypsenow125d ago

Nintendo has no competition on the portable side which is why the Switch did so well.

Relientk77124d ago

Also it's not a stupid name like Wii U, so people just thought it was an add-on to the Wii. Not getting a price drop didn't help the Wii U either.

kneon124d ago

The Wii U name was a bad idea, but the main reasons for the Wii U failure was that most of the Wii customers had moved on to phones and tablets and they were too slow to get their big IPs out there to get all the core Nintendo fans.

Platformgamer124d ago

yeah, so clear that people doesn't know if it is a portable or an home console primarly ahahah

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