RPGLand Valkyria Chronicles Review: Legendary 10/10

Valkyria Chronicles is an amazing experience. It's rare, these days, that a game can make such a huge departure from its genre's roots and yet keep the best things about it. It revolutionizes strategy RPGs in such a way that it can be appealing to fans of the subgenre, newcomers, and perhaps even sworn-off non-fans of it. The best thing that could happen now would be a sequel.

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Rikitatsu5275d ago

Continues to Serve the hardcore gamers.

joemayo765275d ago (Edited 5275d ago )

who said theres no RPGs on PS3 between this, Disgaea 3, and fallout 3 theres more than enough game time (rpg wise) provided to hold ppl over well thru the holiday season, plus toss in all the other great games coming out, and im gunna go either broke or insane with joy :)

Rock Bottom5275d ago (Edited 5275d ago )

"360, home of the J-RPG" is soooo last year talk.

MazzingerZ5275d ago

1.2 Joeymayo

SONY knows about RPGs...don't forget White Knight Chronicles launching this Dec 25 in Japan

Homicide5275d ago

The demo was awesome. Can't wait to pick this up. Still, I don't really trust RPGLand.

SaiyanFury5275d ago

I downloaded the demo from the EU PlayStation Store and I've played it through like 15 times. I can't get enough of it. The game, for me, can't come soon enough. Day 1 buy.

meepmoopmeep5275d ago

me too. preordered this already and can't wait.
i've only played the demo about 7 times.
can't wait for the full game.

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morganfell5275d ago

Sony scores another solid hit. I am glad I have my money already on this.

yanikins1115275d ago

is this the one set in ww2?

yanikins1115275d ago

sooo... is there like, magic in it or is it all weapon based? ya see I like flashing lights and magic seems to look more flashy-lighty than weapons. Then again, judging by what you guys are saying, im thinking ill pick it up anyway.

Rikitatsu5275d ago

From my demo Experience I didn't see anything other than that .. its all weapons based on WW2 or WW1 .. except the lancer .. which is basicly a Rocket launcher

Tacki5275d ago

Wow, that's quite a score... but really after playing that demo nothing could convince me not to get this game. I was quite impressed and the battle system was very fresh. I just know I'm really going to like this game. Not only was it fun... it had this quality I just can't quite define. Though in terms of gameplay it's quite different... it reminded me of Skies of Arcadia (one of my favorite RPG's ever) and that is a beautiful thing. Maybe the ensemble cast of characters has something to do with it. I was kinda on the fence when it came to this title, but the demo gave me that 'something' I've been searching for and now it's a definite buy. I'm even surprised by how much I'm anticipating this title now! :)

UltimateIdiot9115275d ago

I remember reading characters from Skies of Arcadia will be making cameos and I don't know if they are playable. I think they are playable from what I saw on a youtube video. I've preorder this game back in May and will definitely pick it up. I love the canvas engine and the color is so relaxingly clear.

B-Rein5275d ago

this game im not gonna miss defo getting it :D

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