Sony Should Not Bank On Kojima and Death Stranding

Another year past at E3 and we see a little more Death Stranding and despite the game graphically looking great I don't think Death Stranding will be the game everyone thinks it will be. Yes it has a fantastic lineup of voice actors in Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux, and Lindsay Wagner with an appearance from Guillermo del Toro but is that really going to save this game?

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BeardedDrachen146d ago

I just think Kojima needs to show more and explain more for people to gain more interest. Right now we still have a very limited understanding of what the game is and how it plays. It doesn’t help that we first saw this in 2016.

Kribwalker146d ago

I agree. because what was shown so far doesn’t look appealing aside from the graphics. It just seems weird for the sake of being weird. I’d like to know more on what the game entails.

JROCKNXL146d ago

I am glad I am not the only one that thinks this lol. Its just a weird game that makes no sense and like WTF lol.

Eonjay146d ago

Thanks for the concern but I think Kojima knows what he is doing by now. I have seen the same trailers as you and I can already tell you what the game is about. It is about a future where something happens and death basically comes to life. You play Sam a transporter of dead bodies to a certain location because the shadow creatures literally come from death. While on his job he encounters the one of the shadows manifests itself as he dead wife. Sure I want to see more but its not like we have nothing.

oasdada146d ago

But lucky for u dont have to worry much because its not coming on ur choice of console regardless

Goldby146d ago


"Ok yes Metal Gear is one of the greatest franchises in the gaming but he didn’t do this all on his own. Look at the team he had behind him working with Konami. Do I think Kojima sucks NO I don’t, but what I really think is that he very overrated and people need to stop praising him like he is some god to the gaming world."

You do realise he took alot of the top programmers from konami when he left right, one of the head programmers for the fox engine is now working for Kojima and is helping with coding the decima engine.

100 hours of cutscenes and3.5 hour sof gameplay screams fanboy beyond belief.

try to be a bit more professional next time

UCForce146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

@JROCKNXL Really ? The thing is that Kojima has a partner with GG. Death Stranding is using Decima aka HZD Engine. If Sony stopped funding Kojima, GG have to pulled their Engine out and Kojima have to start from scratch again. So I do think Sony will keep supporting Kojima and his team. Kojima and his team left Konami for treating them like expandable.

morganfell146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Vaunted developer like Kojima > a fox looking at the grapes.

These people should focus on ordering Rare around. Kojima doesn't need their advice.

My hope is they are banking on him for several more projects.


Some people do not realize a SR71 is useless without the right pilot. And any dev team is just a mass of people without the right director and creative visionary.

RememberThe357146d ago

Well Kojima has a better track record with games than any of you have with forming opinions so I think I'll stick with Kojima on this one.

UnHoly_One146d ago

@Eonjay, I don't buy that for a second.

1) That sounds like a terrible concept

2) None of that explains why he has a live baby suspended in a fluid in a fanny pack that he wears.

Kojima is insane and his games are nonsense. You're welcome to like whatever you want, but don't pretend that the trailers we've seen so far make any kind of sense at all...

joab777146d ago

@Eonjay what is the baby? Is this like an Ellie from Last of Us? A savior of sorts? Or is it a rebirth of sorts?

Eonjay146d ago


No one would every give you everything. Of course it will be revealed. If knowing everything is your standard then how do you make it through the day without being pissed at every developer ever. This story is in not even close in complexity to something like Kingdom Hearts so the outrage is fake.

UnHoly_One146d ago

I don't expect him to give us every bit of info.

It doesn't matter what he gives us, his games have been nonsense as long as I've known his name. Metal Gear Solid had the most ludicrous and terrible story I've ever seen in a game series.

It shocks me that people that are excited for this game.

But again, like whatever you want, I hope you enjoy it. I just personally will never understand.

morganfell146d ago


Some people are incapable of understanding intrigue as part of a reveal. They do not like surprises or trying to figure things out. Kojima has always been the master of showing you something and then when you pull back out what you think you saw becomes something else. And that is part of the fun with his games before they are released. Then again you have to enjoy challenging your imagination. I am sure these same people think that taking knee boob photos should be a prosecutable offense.

Sevir146d ago

That's the point of the showing... He didn't want the first gameplay to be guns and combat, it more was trying to answer questions about the crater, the creatures and time fall. It's setting up exposition about who Sam is in this world.

Kojima has been creating action games for over 30 years, if people really think a man with a pedigree as him will spend 2 years creating a walking similator on a 75 million dollar budget with free reign from Sony, then you're all pretty damn delusional...

This trailer as is everything surrounding this game, intentionally enigmatic and mysterious.

I look forward to seeing more and learning more about it.

And for the record, Sony isn't banking on it, they've banked on the strength of their First Party, See Dreams, See Detroit, See God of War, see GT Sport, See The Last of Us 2, See Ghost of Tsushima, See Spider-Man, See Days Gone... Death Stranding is a nice compliment to Sony's diverse portfolio and how creativity flourishes on their platform.

jznrpg146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

It’s obvious he doesn’t want to give the story away so there will always be people who say he is being weird just to be weird. People want to see the game and he shows as little as possible to not giveaway what is actually going on in ththe story. I don’t see anything wrong with it . The game is t coming out for sometime and I am sure there will be some more details before release . I’d rather know nothing because I know Kojima makes good games, he has for decades, why worry unless you aren’t a fan or not really getting the game? A lot of Xbox fans pretending to be PS fans are so concerned for games they aren’t going to play. Not sure if your one of them but they have came out of the woodwork after E3 like every year

P_Bomb146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Wow. That’s a lot of adjectives. But you said it yourself. People like what they like. Understanding is moot.

A cursory glance at your 228268 gamer score for example reveals a plethora of games I personally wouldnt 100%, like Dash of Destruction and Open Season. But no one’s calling such pursuits insane, nonsense, ludicrous, terrible, or inferring shock.

All I know is if I had 12 Assassin’s Creed games under my belt and put up with 10 years of Abstergo and Minerva/Juno’s magic apple exploding sun conspiracies, I’d be more self aware of what decompressed stories that go nowhere I myself might be invested in. Sometimes the journey’s better than the destination.

bujasem_89145d ago

@unholyone This quote is very applicable to your thought process. "Some people can read War and Peace and come away thinking it's a simple adventure story..., others can read the ingredients on a chewing gum wrapper and unlock the secrets of the universe."
Not all of you have to get it. All that matters to kojima is that some do, and that's exactly what I love about all of his games.

bouzebbal145d ago

Tbh that trailer wasn't impressive by any mean.
I dont care about the voice actors, i just want to see some gameplay cause that's why i buy games for.
We'll see when some real gameplay lands someday, but so far this isn't a game I'm excited about anymore.

morganfell145d ago


Protagonists have their moments and that first Chris Reeve movie still shines in many ways.

morganfell145d ago

Ha ha Antagonists, not Protagonists...

rainslacker145d ago

I'm pretty sure Sony isn't going to sink tens of millions of dollars that this project is likely costing them if they didn't have faith that it would be interesting. Kojjma is capable of delivering, and it's not like this is some kickstarter project, but one with major support from some of medias top producers.

Being weird is a kojjma trademark, and it's how it all comes together that matters. I'm sure we will know more as time goes on, and the game looks appealing enough for the time being.

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BeardedDrachen146d ago

Interesting @ the disagrees. Tell me why i’m wrong.

AspiringProGenji146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Because this is how Kojima does and presents his stuff and the fans and the people who played his games are used to. I disagree that he has to explain anything to gain interest. If anything that leads to spoilers and less shock value when playing the game. Also it may be too early to fully explain anything assuming the game is still far off. Making the fans speculate and form theories can be marketing tools for the game too

One of The soul games’s charms is that it doesn’t explain its story in a straightforward manner, and that makes the series more interesting and open to numerous interpretation from the fans. Death Stranding being “weird” and mysterious actually makes more interesting for me. It is much better than “oh that’s what the game is about. Ok! I’ll just wait here.”

BeardedDrachen146d ago

The game is about reconnecting the world
There is a man named Sam Porter Bridges (he works for a delievery company).
The rain is called ‘timefall’ and it speeds up time..
When Sam dies... a crater is left in his place and he’s reborn somehow.

We still don’t know exactly what the game is about or what’s the point in all of it.

Gameplay wise.. All we were shown is walking around with cargo, and sneaking around the mysterious creatures. I’m still intrigued to play this.. but for the average customer there needs to be a little bit more explanation and gameplay.

I played Rime... It’s essentially walking around/platforming, and solving puzzles. I liked the game as an idie... Idk if I would like a similar game on a AAA budget that i’m paying $60 for, just to get big named actors/actresses in it.

Critic4l_Strik3146d ago

dont bother. Here you get disagrees for no reason. Watch

Pekka146d ago

I have played couple of Kojima games and I think he is most overrated game maker ever. For example MGS4 is a horrible game and plot is just laughable. Plot may seem complicated but even 5-year-old could make much better plot. If MGS4 would have been a movie, it would have been called as one of the worst movies ever.

His games seem to be complicated but those are just randomly generated junk. Plot seem complicated but it is just because plot makes no sense.

jaycptza146d ago

because tonnes of people are interested, because it's your opinion and people are allowed to disagree. Everyone knows this is Kojima's style, besides you apparently.

Lighter9146d ago


So, you have no idea what this game is about, the story, those babies.. You have next to nothing to go on, and it's already a good game to you?

MWH146d ago

My friend you are not wrong. Don't mind the disagrees it's just that the air around here is filled with, fanboyism toxins.

AspiringProGenji146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

When did I said it was a good game already? @Lighter

''The game is about reconnecting the world
There is a man named Sam Porter Bridges (he works for a delievery company).
The rain is called ‘timefall’ and it speeds up time..
When Sam dies... a crater is left in his place and he’s reborn somehow.''

That's be enough for now. You can always theorize or put stuff together. if you are too lazy to do that then don't be demanding Kojima to tell you more or everything. it may be too early for that

''but for the average customer there needs to be a little bit more explanation and gameplay. ''

What's this average customer you speak of? If you are a Kojima fan you should have an idea of the kind of games he makes and how will this game will play more or less.

BeardedDrachen146d ago


With MGS I know we’d get action.. this game Kojima has said he doesn’t really want to you use any combat (you can, but he wouldn’t recommend it).

That leaves me to believe there will be little in terms of combat. Perhaps there will be action, but it will be put into a cutscene rather than gameplay.

What you’re saying is if you’re not a Kojima fan... as of right now, you won’t have an idea of how this game will play. As a kojima fan, I don’t even know how it will play it besides walking around with Cargo. E3 was supposed to be a ‘deep dive’ into these games and we barely got anything out of it for Death Stranding.

michellelynn0976146d ago

Because you dare speak ill of a Sony exclusive. That is a death sentence on here. The cultist will gang up on you. You are just being honest and not a blind fan.

UCForce146d ago

@michellelynn0976 Well, you are no different really. I saw your defense on Nintendo and you are just like Vasto who always defending MS. I can see the similarities between you and Vasto. You and Vasto are no different than me. You and him always defending your “precious” company. Me ? I don’t need to say it twice about myself. Funny is that people said N4G is run by pony and say how toxic they are. But sooner or later, Xbots and Ninty Fanboy will take over N4G and i want to know how toxic will be to Xbots and Ninty fanboys when they take over N4G. You see that N4G is not a Sony place. I said this many times and I will say it again. N4G is a conquest zone for every fanboys want to take over. Last generation N4G ran by Xbots and Wii fanboys. In 2013, N4G was taken over by pony. But now, I can see this happening again.

RememberThe357146d ago

Hey I'm hella smart so I'm gonna say something I know people won't agree with then call out how I'll get disagrees. Hella smart cuh

zodiac909146d ago

@Pekka Maybe cause you're not smart enough to follow the link of the story in MSG4 and the reality we live in currently, and where we are headed. It could explain why you are so mad also. ;)

rainslacker145d ago

The recent trailer, and the one before it offered up questions. Questions people are discussing, and new clues being given with each trailer. That's what trailers are for. To get people talking, and hopefully interested in the game.

It may not interest you yet, or ever, but to say they need to show a lot more to everyone, or else everyone shouldn't be excited, is just wrong.

This is a kojjma game. Regardless of if you're a fan or not, some people are. And this game is already looking like one of his games with all its weirdness. That's why people are fans of his....and that's what they want from him

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Rude-ro146d ago

Two fold...
Fans of Kojima are chomping at the bit to get this game in their hands.
He is a game maker. He loves puzzles, and the released information is a part of the puzzle. If you do not want to put the pieces together, there are videos out there that people have put it all together for you.

And yes, Sony should invest in it. It will make millions and it separates Sony from their competition. If you do not like said company, Microsoft is there waiting for ya.
Even if death stranding flops.. it will push creative choices in game development across the board. A win win for gamers regardless.. or at least for Sony.
A small majority of the people in here are jumping all over a halo cgi tech engine demo with no information.. but death stranding is not giving enough information to make it worth while. Holy crap the gaming media is just a joke now.

BLAKHOODe146d ago

Halo is Halo. There is nothing really to question there as everyone already gets what Halo is. But gamers have reason to be cautious of Death Stranding, because we don't exactly know what it is. Some say that's a selling point, but to your average consumer, it's understandably not.

Markusb33146d ago

Well said I fully agree with you.
Getting wet over cgi tech is acceptable buy a full blown game play demo and mysterious story Is not allowed.

Chevalier146d ago


" But gamers have reason to be cautious of Death Stranding, because we don't exactly know what it is. Some say that's a selling point, but to your average consumer, it's understandably not"

Is someone putting a gun to these peoples heads and making them buy this game? You make it seem like someone is being tricked into buying it. If the customer is confused then thats what reviews are for. Why is it an issue that there is intrigue to the game? Are gamers so stupid that they need to be spoonfed everything? Next you'll suggest all the trailers should reveal every major plot point before you go the theatre to watch a movie too?

Muzikguy145d ago


It does seem like people are getting that way. B!tch and moan because they’re not given every piece of information before a game comes out. How can you enjoy the game then? Are these the same people that wouldn’t buy games anyway and stick to an “all you can eat” service like Game Pass? I’m glad we don’t know much about this game but still can’t wait to play it.

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hulk_bash1987146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

Not bank on Kojima? The mind behind Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders? Hahahaha. Thanks for the laugh my friends.

raztad146d ago

Death Stranding in my opinion was the most interesting game on display. From the trailer is easy to see it will be an action-stealth game, and it will be most likely open world. I expect it to be somehow similar to MGS5 (gameplay-wise) but you playing as a courier so no cqc or calling airstrikes. Missions will be carried out transversing this harsh world by foot most of the time, but how is this any different than say Fallout 4?

rainslacker145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

I would say that going toward, it's the one I'm most interested in learning more about. Unless it ends up looking really lame later, I'll be getting it day one. Kojjma is a legendary game maker. There's a reason for that, and his portfolio extends well beyond mgs, and ZOE. Seriously, he is responsible for making or perfecting several genres in gaming.

I really look forward to seeing what he can do with enough creative freedom, and when he doesn't have a publisher keep putting him on other gaming projects. Most people don't realize that konami had him work on 4 different game projects while making mgs5. He delivered on them all.

Aceman18146d ago

Yea I'll keep my trust in Kojima, he hasn't let me down and I'm hella intrigued by this game.

neutralgamer1992146d ago (Edited 146d ago )


The game is fall 2019 or may even be early 2020 so we will see more. I am interested in what Kojima can do with complete creative freedom with almost unlimited resources and support

Sony will actually bank on it and make a lot of money and gain a lot of positive PR. Kojima is a legend so I trust him than anyone on any gaming site who may have system biased because this game is coming to ps4

That's why you are getting disagrees

And krib is a known hater do he knows why he gets the disagrees

I just find it amusing that Xbox fans are concerned about a ps4 exclusive

rainslacker145d ago

Let them be concerned. How many times has their concern ended with Sony releasing a critically acclaimed game that sold very Well? Then they'll move onto the next unreleased game, all while saying how their next exclusive is.going to change everything, and did ends up having mixed reviews, and not selling well, and all they can do is say how mu C fin they're having playing said game, or more recently the better version of all these multiplats.

SurgicalMenace146d ago

Hideo Kojima should continue to focus on developing his way, whether these over zealous spectators approve or not doesn't matter. These gamers over value themselves, to the point to where they think their opinion is more valuable than the process of developing. Sony AND Kojima have their ducks in a row, you know dedicating their whole lives to doing more than just playing them.

Who cares if we don't know anything, are we entitled to? If they're not making them what would we be playing? How many of us actually know the ins and outs of making games? When is your project coming out?

trooper_146d ago

I think Kojima's been in the industry longer than some of you were born.

He knows what he's doing.

Anyone who has played a Kojima game knows his work well.

rainslacker145d ago

He was pretty much the inventor of the modern visual novel genre. Maybe not the first, but he certainly perfected it back with policenaughts and snatcher. Some don't know this, but he was responsible for producing some of the first life simulators as well...although they focused on dating for the most part. He had a major influence on the modern stealth genre, and realistically, mgs5 is one of the best in the genre in terms of game play.

He's also been a director or producer.for a number of projects which went on to do well, or at least be well received. His portfolio is nothing short of impressive.

conanlifts146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

My interpretation was it would play kind of like Outlast and other similar games. Instead of a torch/phone/camera you have some sort of EM thing that can detect the creatures. So you have to travel through the world delivering a baby, while knowing at any moment those creatures could kill you. Generally fighting will not be an option as you need to use stealth, the torch thing and other ways to succeed. If so it is a survival horror game. If the suspense is done right it could work, but the trailer was vague.

The Wood146d ago

Maybe people don't understand tease

think of it like stripper who takes her time to entice as opposed to one that just flashes her fanny right off the bat. .

Intrigue is a fine art. . Mystery can be a gift and a curse too but no point speculating to the level people are telling Sony to stop doing what they're the best at and that's trusting in different types of games

Foxhound922146d ago

So many people crying about this game because they "don't understand it." It takes literally 5 minutes to watch a trailer analysis and this is normal for Kojima games. He's a critically acclaimed game maker who makes profound and cerebral games. If you don't like it, there's always call of duty.

BeardedDrachen146d ago

Nope. I'm just saying I completely understand the concern.

Muzikguy146d ago

I don’t see Sony banking on this game. I think that’s the wrong impression right there. People should stop with all this craziness. They’re going to set themselves up for disappointment. Why would the game need saving when it’s not even out yet nor do we know much about it. I hope to be pleasantly surprised with this game. I’m actually glad we don’t know much about it because I’m tired of good games getting ruined

RedRedSuit146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

I totally agree. Am a huge fan, even of V, but these trailers just make me go “uh okay.”

Someday it’ll release. I’ll read the reviews and proceed accordingly. These trailers are crazy as hell but do nothing for me. If anything they’re rather off-putting, because I prefer a more grounded setting like MGS, rather than over-zither-top insanity like Killer7.

But I’m open to it. No thanks to the silly trailers.

xfiles2099146d ago

I think Once the Game gets Close to release everything will make sense Opinion Pieces like this is a Joke and should never be taken seriously This guy is a Clown

zodiac909146d ago

If you ever were a fan of Kojima (which you clearly are not), you would know that most footage of his games before they release are intentionally misleading. He likes to mess with people's mind. Yet in the end, his games always make sense, and conclude satisfactory.

Dragonscale145d ago (Edited 145d ago )

Ooh the xbox fans are downplaying this PlayStation exclusive again, what a surprise.

@krib, this game gets a hell of a lot of attention from a certain quarter of fanboys considering it needs to gain more interest. So it doesn't help that we first saw this in 2016, what does that say about crackdown 3 then, that game could be considered vapourware at this point. Such tryhards and hypocrites lol.

TheEroica145d ago

Who down votes that statement? Oh right, super insecure Sony fanboys with zero life.

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PaleMoonDeath146d ago

Filthy Casuals, you know nothing.

chrisx146d ago

Well said. anyone who's played kojimas games in depth knows what's up. death stranding will be one of the greats.

Nicaragua146d ago

Wow, you guys are so cool and hardcore!

Snookies12146d ago

It's okay, they'll learn... They'll learn...

Markusb33146d ago

Only children don't appreciate the lengths this developer will go to in order to push this medium.
Playing metal gear with the only way to beat a boss reading your mind was to plug in your game pad to port 2 was out of this world. I loved it, felt like the game was created by a gamer