Are Parents Losing the Battle Against Gaming Kids?

People are quick to blame games like Fortnite for their addictive nature. Especially when these types of games happen to be free. But is it time for parents to step up and take more responsibility?

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kevnb119d ago

Everything this blogger writes makes me cringe.

traumadisaster119d ago

Hideous. Reads like an elementary school student did this work.

Kokyu119d ago (Edited 119d ago )

I have gamed for 35yrs my son games and plays fortnite and Im not some addicit and neither is he. In fact no child or person I know in the over 200 gamers I know are addicits. Jesus its like the Comic book code all over again.

Cobra951118d ago

I think this writer is confused. Some people have addictive personalities, and that flaw can apply to gaming just as much as gambling. However, it has nothing to do with games being free. I don't understand where she gets that impression.