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A new comparison video has come in for the Switch and PlayStation 4 versions of Ys VIII. See how the two stack up against each other below.

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Geobros1089d ago

I don't see many differences to be honest. Some times I think Switch is better.

DarkZane1089d ago

The Switch version only runs at 30fps and sometime dips below that and it has all the problems the PC version has (the PC version is apparently a terrible port).

Meanwhile the PS4 version runs at 60fps. The PS4 is objectively the better version.

Cobra9511089d ago

I read how bad the PC port was,which is why I've stayed away so far. There were some updates to address the big issues after release, but I haven't looked back at the game seriously since the initial fiasco. Too bad. It looks like a great JRPG. I may have to check it again on the Steam forums and reviews.

Pancit_Canton1089d ago

Change your youtube resolution to 1080P say that again.

This video is defaulted to 360P

Cobra9511089d ago

Yeah, I watched nearly the whole video so far, and it's hard to see the differences. Granted, I'm watching this on a laptop with a 768p 15.6" screen. But then again, the Switch screen is even smaller. This game's graphics are not up to current standards anyway. Japanese RPGs tend to stick with that 2010 look for some reason. If anything, I think this video is a good promotion for the Switch version. So close to the PS4 look, and portable.

CrimsonWing691089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

Man the frame rate on the Switch... it's so noticeable that the scene lags behind the PS4's. I still can't believe the Switch is a gen 9 console...

Cobra9511089d ago

It looks more like bad synchronization to me. The action speed is nearly identical, as far as I can tell.

CrimsonWing691088d ago (Edited 1088d ago )

You may want to take a look again, hell look at the seagulls in the beginning on the Switch side... also look at how noticeable it is at 5:40

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marloc_x1088d ago

gen 9 console..

..the size of an Archie comic.

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CDbiggen1089d ago

I want this game on switch just for the portability and usually I can stomach performance drops, but I'm reading everywhere this is a bad port.

Zeldafan641088d ago

Yeah reading that from bitter Sony fanboys.

marloc_x1088d ago Show
Outlawzz1088d ago

Really ? All the reviews ive seen have been 8.0 and above

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