Analyst: 66% of console players still prefer physical games over digital

The majority of players still prefer physical games over digital on console, and Nielsen Games reports that the exact opposite is true for players on PC.

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darthv72121d ago (Edited 121d ago )

I prefer physical but if the deal on digital is good... I will just buy that. You got to love those flash sales.

I think steam and xbl both offer refunds on digital games so it's one step closer to offering a digital marketplace for people to sell their license to a game.

RememberThe357121d ago

That's were I've found myself recently as well. I'll say that I prefer physical game disks but in reality I'm buying mostly digital.
I love the competition aspect of brick and mortar vs digital and Im not looking forward to when games cut out the retailers and publishers set up their own platforms.

phoenixwing121d ago

i prefer physical but youre right those flash sales make it easy to buy digital every now and then.

brich233121d ago

Digital you can game share

Kumakai121d ago

you can buy digital or physical.... that means they are selling no matter how you receive it.

neutralgamer1992121d ago


I like collecting more than selling. This Gen I have yet to buy a single game digitally

What I don't understand the hate on physical media is so unreal. If you like digital good for you enjoy it why are people trying to force their preference on everyone

Why can't both physical and digital exist?

Give gamers the option

shinoff2183121d ago

I believe they can coexist, I wish alot more indie games would get released physically, there are some really good ones this generation. It does help that some publishers are doing low print runs like limited run games

Aceman18121d ago

I know I do, i like having a collection of games.

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UCForce121d ago

I prefer physical game all days.

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Geobros121d ago

I think I will never stop to buy physical games if I can have this opportunity. Digitally, I use only demo's for games I would like to buy or small indie games.

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The story is too old to be commented.