Watching the World Cup from a different perspective, thanks to PlayStation VR

SquareXO: The World Cup has its issues, for one, Scotland aren't there. Secondly, the introduction of VAR seems like it is a bit of a mixed bag, however, it's still the

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Knushwood Butt125d ago

Sounds pretty cool.

Maybe this was foreseen by Death Race 2050.

philm87124d ago

Tried it on PSVR, but it's pretty much unwatchable due to the resolution being pretty low. Kind of cool but only to try for 5 minutes when there's the option to watch in 4K or HD.

jaycptza124d ago

PSVR Resolution is FHD though. You're pretty ignorant

fr0sty124d ago

When the screen is that close to your eyes, even FHD screens exhibit a decent amount of the "screen door effect" and resolving fine details like text becomes difficult if it is too small. However, we're in the very early days of VR, so we can't expect it to be perfect. I'm curious to see if these new 1000dpi screens Sony is developing end up in the new PSVR headset.

philm87123d ago

I'm ignorant? I wasn't talking about the resolution of the PSVR, I was talking about the resolution of the video it gives you on the app. The VR stream isn't in FHD. Not trying to knock the PSVR at all, I own one and love it.

123d ago