Devil May Cry 5 Livestream With Hideaki Itsuno Coming Tomorrow; Promises "Hottest" Information

Tomorrow's episode of Capcom TV will feature Devil May Cry 5 director Hideaki Itsuno, promising the hottest information on the game

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Vandamme21215d ago

I can’t wait for this game. Honesly I thought dmc devil may cry was a great game. It was much better game than dmc4. Dmc4 felt kind of repetitive.

Enturax215d ago

Well, it was repetitive because you were forced to play the same stages twice, however its atmosphere, narrative, characters, combat system and comedy was what made it be a real DMC game. So, since you've said DmC was better, I'm assuming you're not a big fan of the franchise or you just take personal taste over an established aesthetics and such.

RedDeadLB215d ago

In my opinion, DmC was a much better game as well. I didn't mind the new style, music and combat, I actually prefer everything about it to any DMC so far.

I'm not a big fan of the cringy touchy feely cinematics and anime design style DMC4 has. Everything about it screams teenager. Not to say DmC wasn't "teenage", but not to that extent.

I know I'll get a lot of disagrees on this, but I would actually have preferred DmC2 over DMC5.

Adnanilyas21215d ago

you wont get disagrees dmc 5 looks awful even 2 is better than that

Sevir215d ago

I enjoyed all the DMCs except DMC2. But I will say DmC felt more grown up and narratively more cohesive... It wasn't as breakneck as the previous games, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It's a pitty people let a cosmetic look put them off from what was a great action game in the series, NT's story telling was well worth the investment and it'd have been great to see where they could have taken it had they had a reign to the series... I feel they'd have been able to stretch their muscle now... But alas, Capcom went back to campy adolescent narratives... And NT joined MS (ugh)

Sevir215d ago

It kinda was repetitive... You fought all the bosses more than once and there were no easy short ways to back track when you had to...

I still enjoyed based on action, but the story was meh...

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AK91215d ago

Well definitely be tuning into this.