Best Zombie Games Ever

Killing hordes of brain-eating zombies has always been satisfying. If you are into these dead creatures, check out the list of zombie games we feel are the best ones.

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GamesMaster1982123d ago

You must be on some very strong medacation to put the awful Dead Rising 4 on the list over any previous entry's. Also where is the first 2 Resident Evil's the daddy's of the zomibe genre. Also Undead Nightmare was a great zombie game also. I know it's opinions and all, but most of them don't deserve to be called best zombie game's ever.

Kostche123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

the list was weak, and some the game they put in there.. its his opinion but really?

these my favourite - no real order

R* zombie game
Season one telltales - lee we will miss you *sob*
re outbreak 1/2
7 day to die
sniper elite zombie modes
resident evil 0
resident evil revelations 1/2

plague inc evolved, not zombie game as such, but has zombie take over the world mode :P

GhostTurtle122d ago

The list was super weak. Honestly even after reading these first two comments I still didn't expect it to be THAT bad...

shinoff2183122d ago

Dead rising and left for dead. Nice try dude.