Kingdom Hearts Story Recapped by New Videos Ahead of Kingdom Hearts III Release

As Square Enix prepares to finally launch Kingdom Hearts III, five new videos offer a recap of the complex storyline for those who are lost.

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-Foxtrot146d ago

When you need to do five videos to recap a story I think you know it's time to soft-boot things.

The spin off games which were on different platforms shouldn't have had anything to do with the main games, especially ones which you need to have played to understand the main story. I mean they could have easily set up another 3 characters to replace Sora, Donald and Goofy.

Sora - New Boy/Girl character

Donald - Launchpad McQuack, José Carioca or Panchito Pistoles

Goofy - Max Goof or Horace Horsecollar

Mickey Mouse - Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Villain - Phantom Blot, The Mad Doctor, Mizrabel

Could have had their own games...or who knows maybe they can make a new trilogy going forward which is more planned out.

thatguyhayat146d ago (Edited 146d ago )

The whole story is confusing itself. Soo many unnecessary spinoffs and prequels. Though i did enjoy birth by sleep. Chain of memories seemed like a waste of time