Resident Evil 2 Remake Still Has 2 Campaigns, But They're a Little Different

Resident Evil 2 remake streamlines the Leon and Claire stories

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-Foxtrot149d ago

That's even better though, I mean the Resident Evil Remake only featured two campaigns, Chris and Jill's so making Leon A/Claire B and Claire A/Leon B to just Leon/Claire seems like a better idea in my opinion

I'm just surprised that with all this information and gameplay Capcom haven't touched a nerve yet, they really seem to have went back to making a proper Resident Evil game and I hope to God they apply this to future Resident Evil games or like I said in my blog on here make the Remake games a new, altered timeline for old school fans, least then they can do whatever they want with the main games first person or not.

BigBosss149d ago

Imagine with what we've seen from RE2make they should apply the same formula to RE0, RE1, Code Veronica, RE3 and so forth. You see were I'm getting at here bro? Heck, I honestly wouldn't mind to see it applied to Dino Crisis 1 and 2.

gantarat148d ago

Capcom will port RE 4 Over over and over again than Remake.

bouzebbal148d ago

This is my most anticipated game.. Literally. Nothing can beat nostalgia, not even TLoU2

gantarat148d ago

Is pretty much that capcom make different type RE game with different product .
but make new timeline for old school fans? that not gonna happened capcom very care about canon story on RE Series.

-Foxtrot148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Well why not? They are already on their way as the Remake games changed some story elements compared to the original

Lisa Trevor wasn’t in the original RE game neither was parts on the mansion they later added the point is they basically made an alternative world within the Remake games.

The way I see it, if they wanted to go that route, RE4-7 are games from the original RE the one without Lisa and the like so they could easily get to RE4 and change it from Leon ever going to a remote Spanish village and facing the Las Plagas nightmare

gantarat148d ago (Edited 148d ago )

Core Story first remake still same like original nothing change.
Lisa or Trevor family stuff was add to expand lore/story (which get use or mention in later game)

Same with 2 remake that Core Story will be same but get expand some story stuff.

r3f1cul148d ago

im honestly pleasantly surprised with what ive seen thus far on this game ... the attention to detail is top notch and im cool with the direction the remake is going with, very RE4/evil within... nice bump up to current gaming standards IMHO

GrimDragon148d ago

Waiting for super ultra classic turbo remix resident evil 2.0 directors cut.

Master of Unlocking148d ago

The original game didn't have 2 campaigns but 4 though...

GaboonViper148d ago

You know your Resi 2 history, i remember getting the game on launch day and playing all day long, i miss those days.

Tetsujin148d ago

I remember playing RE2 when I was younger, and boy was it an experience like no other. The only other game that matched this caliber is Silent Hill 2.