Microsoft’s purchase shows it’s finally listening to criticism

The announced purchase of four studios by Microsoft shows that it is addressing the criticism of not having enough first-party development at long last.

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corroios123d ago

This was the only path to stay relevant and even so they didn't went all out and get one those big studios that gamers been talking so many months.

They need more games and quality games. Something they lack this gen, no matter how much they try to spin with shoot fired, laps and players online. We are going to the 5 year of this gen and they still don't have a new ip that is a system seller.

JaguarEvolved123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

Sounds really silly. Buying studios isn't really listening because they already owned studios that didn't make anything. They already owned like 7 studios but really had about 3 exclusive games that were first party made. Also it's like a lot of gamers think if these studios start making games today they will see them soon. These games won't be out for another 4 or more years. They are incompetent because Sony manages to release a lot of exclusives with a lot more due out soon. Xbox is a waste. Microsoft has a lot of money and the fanatics sure like to talk about it but Microsoft doesn't have exclusive games for the Xbox.

dirkdady123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

I don't want this to come off as a damned if they do and damned if they don't... but doing this 4 years after Phil took control is short sighted and basically doing this on the backs of the loyal Xbox one owners that spent their hard earned money will be paving the way for the next gen Xbox owners in 3 yrs time.. just doesn't seem fair

BiggerBoss123d ago

For MONTHS, Xbox fans here were saying Microsoft was going to buy Valve or CDPR, and they ended up buying a bunch of no-name studios and Ninja Theory. And Playground, who already made Xbox exclusives anyways.

Xbox One released 5 years ago. Microsoft is 5 years too late. Why are they JUST NOW investing in first party? It's kind of ridiculous tbh.

blitz0623123d ago

The issue here isn't about studios making 1st party games. The issue is that MS refused to believe in single player games and exclusives. But after seeing a decline in sales to the point that the 360 has overtaken it, they realized it's not just about subscription services and a powerful console that can play multiplatforms in 4k. The question now is, will they really invest in 1st party single player games, or did they sign these studios to rush games out the window and throw in unreasonable DLCs?

BiggerBoss123d ago


Knowing Microsoft, they've learned nothing, and are going to put those new studios to work on GAAS games meant for profit to be on Gamepass.

If they REALLY cared about making compelling games for gamers, then they would've invested in studios YEARS ago when the Xbox One first launched.

Instead, they shut down The Coalition's new game, forced them to make Gears, spent $2 BILLION dollars on Minecraft, etc.

Microsoft will be Microsoft.

Profit before gamers.

morganfell123d ago

Buying studios that were in most cases already making Xbox titles. How is that supposed to increase the number of titles to he Xbox. Lets look how studios have fared that made contracted titles for the Xbox versus ones that MS purchased.

Z501123d ago

I wanna know. When will XB fans tell MS to stop putting F2P games behind a paywall? Or, are they 'cool' with that?

starchild123d ago

Guys, give credit where credit is due. We all said Microsoft needed more 1st party studios and that's what they've been working on, resulting in their studio announcements at E3.

Saying they don't matter because some of them were already making exclusives before they were acquired doesn't make any sense. Some of Sony's best studios, like Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games and Sucker Punch, were already making Playstation exclusives before Sony bought them.

Microsoft also bought a strong multiplat developer in Ninja Theory. They also formed new studios.

This is exactly how Sony has built up its stable of first party studios.

UltraNova123d ago


Sony did it, as in fact, whilr MS hasn't why give credit to the latter in strictly hypothetical terms? Let them prove themselves first.

Out of the 5 acquisitions only NT was worth the excitement. Even then I fear they will not be give them creative freedom these guys thrive on(see Hellblade). I feel that they will face a similar predicament to Bungie were they slept with the Devil thinking it would be ok only to get hellishly screwed over. I might be wrong, I wish I am but alas time will tell.

NotoriousWhiz123d ago

Would you have preferred they didn't invest in first party studios? Or maybe you would've preferred they jumped in their time machine and then invested in first party studios? Xbox won't have any system sellers this gen. That much is certain and there is nothing that can be done to change that. But there is always next gen, and with the inclusion of backwards compatibility, they have a good enough library to get people to jump in early.

Obscure_Observer123d ago

Some fanboys have the nerve to criticize a company that lacks more first party games for buying/bulding 5 new first party studios. FIVE! An impressive achievement that we never hear before in this industry.

I´m glad that Phil Spencer manage to save the dying Xbox brand after Mattrick and the future for Xbox is nothing but bright.

I´m gonna have a good time when hypocrites shows up on Xbox articles moving posts again saying that they will play the new Xbox games on their imaginary PCs.

Can wait for that sweet hypocrisy!

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Seraphim123d ago

early on the 360 life they realized this. If I recall they purchased some studios then but focused on doing 3rd party exclusive deals like Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, CoD Map packs, etc. Later they closed Lionhead and quite possibly some other studios. Though I understand, from the outside, that Lionhead seemed to be very ineffecient.

The Fact is that they [MS] have realized for quite some time that what they lack is exclusive content and at some point, perhaps again, diversity in games. As others have said a majority of these studios were already creating exclusive content for MS. Perhaps the funding will allow them to branch out and do something new. At the same time it's hard seeing MS allowing a developer like Playground a chance to branch out from Horizon Horizon. Ninja theory has made some solid games like Heavenly Sword, Enslaved, DMC for Capcom and Hellblade. So it will be interesting to see where they take things w/ greater funding. You have to imagine they are wanting to do something grand to have given their independence, which is something they've always touted as being proud of...

Personally i'm most excited about the Santa Monica studio and seeing what they're working on. Granted that's merely a single title and perhaps 2-3 during a consoles life span. But to me that's truly what MS should be focusing on. Creating new studios, taking some risk, funding and sticking with them to see where it leads.Some of the best games have come from newly formed studios consisting of former devs. Capcom creating Clover and giving us Okami. EA creating Visceral and giving us Dead Space. Insomniac, Naughty Dog, all of Ubis studios, they all started somewhere. Acquisitions isn't the only way to build up a brand and development force.

MYSTERIO360123d ago

I for one would be interested to see if MS give ninja theory scalebound to complete given from what I'm told MS still own the ip

Aceman18123d ago

Wow I can't believe it took them all of 17 yrs to realize that 1st party is just as important to the identity of its console 😒

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darthv72123d ago

I got a sneaking suspicion that Ninja Theory may finish with Platinum started.

Ninja_Ryu123d ago

Good luck with that suspicion

BiggerBoss123d ago

Yeah, I doubt that. Scalebound is dead, Microsoft killed it.

Ninja Theory is a good studio though, so there may be a good exclusive in the next 5 years or so.

raWfodog122d ago

@ BiggerBoss

"What is dead may never die"
"But rises again harder and stronger."

-followers of the Drowned God, Game of Thrones


darthv72122d ago

@Boss, it's not exactly dead, not yet. When MS suspended further development, they opted to keep all the assets created in case they ever wanted to finish it later. So... yeah, this could be a team that could finish it. Like i said, it's just a suspicion.

conanlifts123d ago

Ninja theory have a few teams. One is the hellblade team, another sometime does mobile and not sure what the other does. The point is they have the scope to work on a few games at once which is good.

Maybe the initiative will work on that project, It is led by Darrell Gallagher the former head of tomb raider. So maybe they will either make a new tomb raider type IP or continue and change Scalebound.

Goldby123d ago

Ones working on a vr game, so that is a windows 10 exclusive most likely seeing as MS has no intention of vr on xbox

ConsoleGamer123d ago (Edited 123d ago )


Huh, i thought xbox and windows 10 were the same platform. Why then talk about games which may come to win10 but not xbox? This is fake news!

conanlifts123d ago (Edited 123d ago )


Unfortunately not quite fake news. MS are developing a handful of age of empires remakes and 1 new installment which are windows 10 only. They also recently announced gears tactics, windows 10 only. So it appears to only work 1 way.

ConsoleGamer123d ago (Edited 123d ago )


I'm shook! I was told many times it doesn't matter that ALL former xbox exclusives games also moved to pc because xbox and win10 are the same platform. So how can it be that ms is developing games for windows 10 but not for xbox1?
I guess i have to reach to my xbox friends on this site to debate about the subject again.
Does this mean they are in fact two different ms platforms and basically all xbox exclusives became multiplatform games?

conanlifts123d ago

@console gamer. It is annoying. Last year age of empires definitive was released on pc, with another 3 announced. None are coming to xbox. In addition Gears pop is a mobile game ( no issue with this) and gears tactics is currently only announced for windows 10. It appears that MS are not bringing their strategy games to xbox.

Frustratingly xbox has limited exclusives and age of empires would have been a welcome addition. Plus gears tactics is rumoured to be like xcom, which works on console. There is speculation that tactics could come to the next xbox, but they have stated their aim is to make a game true to pc and to only focus on that. What is just as annoying is that they use xbox forums to promote these games as they run on xbox live servers.

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-Foxtrot123d ago

They didn't really have a choice at the end of the day, it was either give people what they want or continue to p*** people off to the point where they give up on the Xbox brand.

At this point it's good they appear to be listening but on the other hand, because of Microsoft's past actions, we won't really know if they follow through properly until the games from these studios are out there. Who knows maybe this is just a move they are doing so people don't loose faith in them as we go into next gen and they can secure those next gen sales from not only Xbox fans now but people they've enticed back in.

Right now, everything is up in the air, we don't know Microsoft's next gen plans and what they are really planning so we'll just have to wait but because of their past actions we really need to continue to read between the lines just incase.

MuddyWaters123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

"At this point it's good they appear to be listening but"

Always a BUT isn't there with you?

It's the same BUT you had in place about Playground Games and trying to imply they will continue to just make Forza Horizon. BUT. You were already proven wrong then that they are indeed making a new open world game with their second team. You will also proven wrong about Ninja Theory who said one of the major conditions going with Microsoft is they continue making games they want to make. Now they will have funding to make AAA games. They also just created a brand new studio in the heart of other well know developers like Naughty Dog.

But? But nothing.

It's ok to be skeptical but you take that to a whole different level. Microsoft so far is making the right moves BUT if you want to keep carrying on and on that to me implies you just don't care what they do and you just love to hear yourself.

The title reads Microsoft is finally listening to the criticism yet it's the same people who want to keep criticizing.

NXFather123d ago

Yeah his name says it all for this satanic foxhole named foxtrot.

BiggerBoss123d ago

At the start of this gen, Microsoft said they were investing $2 Billion dollars into exclusive games. Wtf happened to that money??

Oh yeah, Minecraft😂

It's cool that they are FINALLY buying some new studios, but the Xbox One released 5 YEARS ago, and this is just now happening. Really?

You won't see ANY games from ANY of these studios for a few more years, and by that time the next Xbox will already be out.

This is typical Microsoft though, abandon your CURRENT console to load up the launch for the NEXT console.

Z501123d ago

The criticism was more aaa exclusive games, not more studios. *looks at Rare

At this point in time. The 'issue' still exists. Buying studios did not solve the issue. Buying studios mean 'We're clocking-in for work'

bluefox755123d ago

There's a "but" with MS, because we all know their history. Over promising, and under delivering consistently.

-Foxtrot123d ago

I post a comment which tries to see both sides of the situation yet you reply with a massive long ass rant against me as s user NOT about the topic the article is talking about

That’s sad man, if you want to cry about someone then send me a PM and leave the drama off here.

Get a grip, you’re acting like a child

Chevalier123d ago

Just like MS came through when they said years ago that thry would support Kinect? That Cloud was a thing? That there was $2 billion being spent on games? That they would rather have exclusives instead of timed content? The one that canceled Phantomdust and Scalebound? Closed multiple studios? Thats the Xbox you think doesn't need to have the BUT?

Obscure_Observer123d ago


"It's ok to be skeptical but you take that to a whole different level. Microsoft so far is making the right moves BUT if you want to keep carrying on and on that to me implies you just don't care what they do and you just love to hear yourself."

Foxtrot,and others are having a HARD time dealing with the good news sorrounding Xbox. They spended most of their time hating on Phil Spencer and now that games are comming, they can do nothing but try and find anything remotely negative to talk about.

FinalFantasyFanatic123d ago


Oh well, they have to start some time, this gen is a bit of a failure, might as well prepare for the next one.

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ClanPsi1123d ago

I really wish they would have just given up on the Xbox brand.

paintedgamer1984123d ago

Some companies have flat out said ms is shit to work for and like to micromanage everything and shoehorn mp and gaas to meet their business plan... which is also shit. Did ms finally learn its lesson almost 5 years in and all of the sudden decide to be a good boy... i highly f doubt it.

The Wood123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

Anyone who can't see a valid 'But' is living with their heads in a cloud. Don't shoot the messenger. Ms have constantly said things about exclusives and look how far into this gen the 'premise' of exclusives has been acted on. As mentioned above, ms has always had studios and relationship it's just there's been a mix off bad luck, management and or project choices that has hampered many of them. The acquisitions are 1 big part of the puzzle. There's still a few others to make the whole picture. Let's see how they do.

Obscure_Observer123d ago


Phil Spencer just delivered a blow to the mouth of naysayers and haters! Deal with it somehow. :)

The Wood123d ago

Games are the only thing capable of landing blows. Rhetoric vs reality. . You're actually acting like the games are coming this year for you to play whilst assuming the projects will be good ones. . That's how bad it's become. . . , ninja theory was a jab to the nose though. . Smart acquisition.

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FallenAngel1984123d ago

It’s not enough just to have a lot of first party studios, you got to make sure your internal studios don’t put out subpar divisive content like Sea of Thieves

BiggerBoss123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

Exactly, what's the point of buying studios if they only make subpar games that are designed for GamePass?

People want real AAA games, NOT crap like Sea of Thieves and State of Decay.

Sea of Thieves was in development for longer than God of War was. Just think about that for a second.

Jinger123d ago

It's funny though that I'm still playing Sea of Thieves with the new Content launch, but I haven't picked back up God of War since a couple weeks after it launched.

2 different kind of games.

BiggerBoss123d ago


Well that's your own prerogative bro, if you prefer terrible games, then that's your own opinion.

UCForce123d ago

@Jinger So you prefer a game that lack of contents, aren’t ya ? Sure, you don’t like God Of War, but I completely disagree with you about combat. It’s not the worst. It’s the best really. God of War is a complete game really. It doesn’t need a DLC.

Tobse123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

Yep, let them make one and done games you finish in a Weekend wuhuuu