Is Tractor Cannon The Best Exotic Shotgun?

As it's ranked #45 in PVP I think we can surmise that Tractor Cannon is not the best Exotic Shotgun, but let's take a deeper look at it anyway because we really do need to find out just how bad it is. The stats on Tractor Cannon are as follows; 84 Rounds Per Minute, Impact of 65, Range of 19, Stability of 82, Magazine of 4, Reload Speed of 24, and Handling of 46.The hidden stats are; Zoom of 12, Aim Assistance 90, and Recoil Direction of 60.

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maybelovehate147d ago

Overall, yeah. For sure. Mostly known for PVE buffs to Void Bombs but also really underappreciated in PVP. The ability to pull users out of their supers is amazing. I hate it so much when it happens to me.

OffRoadKing146d ago

Coupled with a Voidwalker Nova Bomb its the Escalation Protocol boss melter.