Ghost of Tsushima Interview: Sucker Punch Talks The World, Player Choice, Secrets, More

Sucker Punch co-founder Chris Zimmerman talks Ghost of Tsushima, including the game's world, secrets, challenge, length, and more!

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KaiPow211d ago

The open world stuff looks absolutely gorgeous so far. I'm excited to see what the new photo mode can do!

RainbowBrite211d ago

The photo mode is down on the list of the things I'm excited about this game

Bathyj210d ago

Not me. I love photomode. And I want it there from the start so I can get photos on my first playthrough.

Is it even confirmed to have photomode? I would assume it does. Sony are really leading the way in this area.

Obscure_Observer211d ago

This game looks absolutelly gorgeous! Can wait to find out more about Jin´s story. That said, based on this interview, it´s seems that SP still has alot of work to do regarding alot of topics for this game.

TheHan210d ago

The game looks awesome 👏 😎

getbacktogaming210d ago

This is already a must buy! All I care about now is a release date :P!

tulholdren210d ago

Another Day 1 Sony exclusive cant wait for photomode.

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