Apple Sued for MP3 Player Monopoly, Thuggish Tactics

Dailytech reports:

The new Apple has built itself on its iconic MP3 player, which grew to a commanding market share and now holds roughly 90 percent of the hard drive-based MP3 player market and 70 percent of the total MP3 player market. This dominant position has led many; including readers at DailyTech to suggest that it has a monopoly on the market and may be abusing its position. Now a Taiwanese competitor, Luxpro has accused Apple of holding an abusive monopoly, formerly filing charges in Arkansas court.

Luxpro has had a lengthy and heated legal war against Apple over the last few years. The company was originally founded in December of 2002. In January of 2004 it released its first product -- the EZ Share MP3 player. Following its minor success, Luxpro proceeded to introduce new players. In March, 2005, at the CeBit trade show in Hanover, Germany it unveiled its new model, the Super Shuffle MP3 player.

Apple was not happy.

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lord_monkey5221d ago (Edited 5221d ago )

the tile is wrong the monopoly has nothing to do with the lawsuit.
it should say "apple is being sued for bulling small companies"

Oh if they release a Gaming console then we can see cage fight between MS and apple. while Sony is just looking at the side line :P

thereapersson5221d ago

And I am pretty sure that MS *would* turn all their attention to Apple.

I'm actually suprised that Apple hasn't come out with a console yet, especially considering that they do so well with the iPod brand, AND are experts at making software and hardware work flawlessly with one another. Well, at least software and APPLE hardware work together... *cough*iTunesforWindows*cough* .

Rhythmattic5221d ago

As for a gaming console, Apple tried and Failed.

As for monopoly, Apple is now in the position of "90% of the hard drive-based MP3 player market and 70 percent of the total MP3 player market"

Isnt that just a conundrum as microsoft has the same for desktop OS's ?

Monopoly is through iTunes, BUT, at least apples portable media devices support OPEN STANDARDS.
As for MS ? WMA, WMV....... Basically, MS's only standards are there own.

BTW, OSX is based on another open standard, UNIX.

BYE5221d ago

Who cares? They make great products, that's what counts.

IdleLeeSiuLung5221d ago

I'm re-hasing my original message, for some reason it didn't show up:

That proves my point!

When MS does something wrong, everybody throws up their arms. When Apple does something like this, it get's ignored and applauded for making great products. MS gave a away free stuff then got sued. Apple is barring other MP3 makers from making their product and to compete to push prices down. Who is doing the most damage to the consumers?

If the accusations are true, Apple is definetely abusing it's monopoly power to pressure retailers to sell it's product only. I hope Apple get slammed with a $1 billion fine if it is true. No company shoudl be above the law!!!

gololo5221d ago

I think they got to the top because they made the best mp3 players...and just look at the iPod Touch/ if they have a monopoly it's because of their product quality. Microsoft have a kind of dark history since its beginning (if not, just look how Windows came to be). However, MS does have a bunch of great products, unfortunately they do get treated harsher in some cases.

Enigma_20995220d ago

My negative opinion of Microsoft notwithstanding... I have a question....


Kaneda5220d ago

the different between Apple and M$ is.. Apple make great products that other company can't match. While M$ makes suck @$$ products...

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PimpHandStrong5221d ago

they make good stuff

My ipod doesnt have a 50% failrate and my itunes is very easy to use!

dirtrider5221d ago

what else have you ever bought that had a 50% failure rate? just had to ask, cause if i know what it is ill make sure i wont make the same mistake you did- allright? anyways lol at the pic.

josh143995221d ago

apple make the best mp3 players no other companies can make quality products like they do.

dericb115221d ago

But if you block other people from coming out you will stay the best without having to the best. If this lawsuit helps other company's come out this is good. Why you ask? Well more MP3 Players means more idea and/or new products.

Imagine a "Ear-plug MP3 w/Voice Activation and 20GB". OK so we won't be seeing that soon but blocking other people slows it from happening.

SaiyanFury5221d ago

My 8GB SanDisk Sansa supports all open source media AND I'm not locked down with iTunes. I can copy music that I buy wherever and whenever I want as much as I want. And it only cost me 75 dollars. The closest iPod? 150.

BYE5220d ago

Yeah just look at Apples product quality, slick design, best materials, best software inside, affordable!

They can't be touched in the MP3 player and notebook market, in fact they deserve to be monopoly, if one company does, then Apple.

SaiyanFury5220d ago (Edited 5220d ago )

Many other PMPs have great software onboard and perform admirably. Most use pretty damned decent hardware and have a low hardware failure rate. Most are also quite stylish. PMP hardware manufacturers use the same kinds of materials for their units' construction. ABS plastics for the outer shells and so on with variable amounts of sheen. LCD screens. Materials are all the same, Apple doesn't use any 'better' quality materials to construct iPods, they're the same as any other brand. My 8GB SanDisk Sansa looks quite stylish to me, but because it's not white I can see how that's not 'as' stylish as an iPod /end sarcasm. Sorry, other than name recognition and trendiness, Apple has no other leg up on the competition, and the steeper price you pay only drives their revenue stream back into their marketing to get more people to buy the recognized name.

Apple deserves to be the monopoly? Well then there would be no competition to lower prices and drive innovation. Corporate prices would be out of control and very few people would be able to afford them. Sorry, I'm in favour of Luxor and good luck to them in their lawsuit. Maybe on some small level this will humble Apple and companies might be able to produce a non iPod-based MP3 player without fear of reprisal.

Also Apple having a monopoly on the PMP market in the US is contradictory to the spirit of enterprise in the country. The spirit of this country is freedom. Freedom to choose and make your own choices. Not just in the US but people around the world want to enjoy the freedom of choice. Many people want to make up their own minds as to what they want to buy. If Apple was the monopoly, there would be no choice. No freedom. You'd be locked into their draconian DRM policies and you'd only have 2 choices: Our way or the highway. I support freedom of choice everywhere in the world, and Apple's practise of trying to monopolize the market is wrong.

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zag5221d ago

It was creative thatcameoutwith HD MP3 players theywere greatblow away the apple crap you get now.

You could open it up dump in a new 3.5HDD and back then 300gig HDD had just come out.

Apple come out with the crap called ipod, and thensue creative for the sliding/rolling menu system saying Apple came up with it complete BS.

Creative had HD mp3 back in the mid 90's

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