World of Goo Is The Highest Rated Game Ever?

World of Goo, the new WiiWare game from 2D Boy is now the highest rated game of all time, according to Metacritic. How could Super Mario Galaxy, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and LittleBigPlanet have been toppled by such a small game? SlapStic tries to determine this after the jump.

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bigshynepo4796d ago (Edited 4796d ago )

What a useless blog! I guess it is mid-weekend right now so people are desperate for news but c'mon...

6 Reviews and it's the best game of all time? f|_|ck right off.
Anyone who thinks so obviously isn't a gamer. Hmm..Civilization, X-Com, Quake, Star Craft, Diablo, FF7, Super Mario Bros 3, Zelda Link to the Past, These are the games I think of when I think of best game of all time.

And just to be clear, this is the same metacritic who's fanboy users are DOWNRANKING LittleBigPlanet because it's PS3 exclusive? Almost 2000 users votes before the game is even released and it's user average is a 6.0? Yeah. I trust sites that work off an average. *eyes roll*

hombrehambre4796d ago

@bigshynepo and everyone else whining

If you would so kindly take the time to READ THE ARTICLE, you'd find that the guy writing it is saying the exact same things as you guys. He points out that "if you were to believe Metacritic, it would be ONE OF the greatest games of all time." And even goes so far as to say that he's sure that the review score will go down once more reviews come in.

He can't help what got put on the N4G link to his article! Give him some slack! And read the article before commenting!

tinydancer4796d ago


I agree. It's ridiculous that all these people are so mad, when they obviously wouldn't be if they'd actually READ THE ARTICLE. In fact, here's the original article in its entirety, since you people are obviously too lazy to leave this site.

What would you say is the greatest game of all time? Super Mario World? The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? Halo? If so, you'd be wrong, if you were to believe Metacritic.

So this is just strange. The new WiiWare game, World of Goo, which was released to fairly little hype this past Monday, is now apparently one of the highest rated games of all time, according to Metacritic. One look at the Metacritic page for the game will show that the game has an overall reviews average of 97, with three perfect scores and three that are in the '90s range. This puts the game in a position where it could actually take the title of "highest rated game of all time". I haven't bought WoG yet, but seeing as how there's a free demo for the pc version available here, there's really no excuse for anyone to miss out. It seems insane that this game would top the likes of Super Mario Galaxy, so I'm sure that once more reviews come in the score average will go down, (there are ALWAYS haters) but it's extremely interesting that this game has blown every other game released this year, including the oft-hyped LittleBigPlanet, completely out of the water score-wise.

Check back here for further impressions on the game soon. We'll report on whether or not the game is actually worth all this hype.

Volvobug4796d ago


Useless blog? SlapStic has some great stuff! Also, I agree with the two guys above me. Go read the article before commenting.

Stoneroses63004796d ago

Sometimes the N4G community really ticks me off... why are they mad about this guy reporting that the Metacritic average for this game puts it up there with the greats? He never says that it's the greatest game of all time, he's just reporting...

Fanboy Slaughter4796d ago

Yes, he can help what got put on the link because it's HIS website

SolidSnake934796d ago

Next I'd like to say that now the score is down and it is no longer above Ocarina of Time.

bigshynepo4796d ago (Edited 4796d ago )

Why do you assume I didn't read the article? My comment is clearly venting at the fact that this is news in the first place? If it received 1 or 2 great reviews, even 100%s, would it be news? No. Because we all know the score is going to fall. 6 scores hardly constitutes an average representation of a Metacritic score. When the game has 20+ reviews, then that's respectable.

again, at both you and tinydancer, you are both hilarious for jumping to the conclusion about me not reading. I guess you are so used to the typical fanboy flame dousing.

"it's extremely interesting that this game has blown every other game released this year, including the oft-hyped LittleBigPlanet, completely out of the water score-wise." See, that isn't even true because those other scores are averaged over many, many scores. WoG's score is an average of 6 scores. That is an apples to oranges comparison. The first six reviews of LBP if I remember were all above 95 as well.

FOR THE RECORD, it would have been more productive to post the link to the IGN and 1UP reviews for this amazing game than to link to a 'filler' blog post that clearly will have no bearing by next week. If this game is still above 96 by next week, I'll eat my shoe.

Volvobug4796d ago

I know why they assumed you didn't read it, bigshynep. Here's a direct copy-pasted quote from you: "6 Reviews and it's the best game of all time?"

Meanwhile, the article never even BEGAN to make the claim that it was the best game of all time. It said that it was ONE OF the highest rated FOR NOW. Is that fair enough?

leyego4796d ago (Edited 4796d ago )

i had to check the LBP metacritic to see if u were right... turns out u are.... LOL so damn funny... stupid little fanboys trashing a near perfect game cuz its not on there system.

back on topic.
this game aint the best its average. this blogger is a dumbass.

Mozilla894795d ago

with the LBP thing. By the way you have to give the guy a break cause the title says World of Goo = Greatest Game? or something like that. It seems like he was just trying to get some hits with a headline that stood out which is perfectly understandable.

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tinydancer4796d ago

It's not like LBP was ever a contender for that title... although it'd be hard to say the same for World of Goo, come to think of it.

4796d ago
tinydancer4796d ago

Nah of course I don't. But it's not like LBP will be the highest rated game of all time, either.

bigshynepo4796d ago (Edited 4796d ago )

Is slapstic paying you guys? like seriously?

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tinydancer4796d ago

That's kinda ridiculous. I'm sure GameSpot will give it a 4 and bring the average down to a 70 though.

RKRigney4796d ago

Yeah didn't they give LostWinds a 5 or something?

TheMurderer4796d ago

Whaaaat?! Lost Winds is awesome!

PoSTedUP4796d ago (Edited 4796d ago )

the review system isnt broken.... ~sarcasm~ : /

i always rely on reviews and metacritic.... ~sarcasm~ : /

Max Power4796d ago

i'd say your being sarcastic.

ngg123454796d ago

It will lower to the 93 mark sooner or later. And as expectations go, reviewers would have been giving this game 8's, and 7's if it was 60 $s. It is 10 $s on wii, and 20 $s on steam and gives the game a benefit to reveiwers. It is by no means the best game of all time.

RKRigney4796d ago

Yeah. It's just an average, though.

Maxned4796d ago

It costs 15$ on the wii

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