Ubisoft's Skull & Bones is Doing Everything Right That Sea of Thieves Got Wrong | COGconnected

COGconnected: At E3 2018 we had a chance to check out a 30-minute demo of Skull & Bones and needless to say it is shaping up to be a winner.

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MuddyWaters149d ago

Visually it sure looks a lot better and the battle scenes are way more intricate. That's there the comparisons end. Sea of Thieves is more about social play and going on quests to dig up treasure, Skull and Bones is all about sea battles. I hope you can board a ship and fight but that doesn't look like the case. Maybe I'm wrong but it would be cool if you could.

UnHoly_One149d ago

I hate that everyone keeps comparing these games.

The only thing they have it common is "Pirate."

The 10th Rider149d ago

Well, and that you can do ship battles. But Skull and Bones is centered around ship battles while that's just one aspect of Sea of Thieves, so it would be a huge failure if Skull and Bones didn't have better sea battles.

TekoIie149d ago

@The 10th Rider

I get it but the dynamic of these battles is very different. Skull and Bones seems to be going for a more competitive style of play, whereas Sea of Thieves is more about social play and player interaction.

BiggerBoss149d ago

I mean, they're both big budget Pirate games. Of course they are going to be compared.

UnHoly_One149d ago

But they are NOTHING like each other.


In Sea of Thieves you control a character in first person and manipulate different parts of the ship to make it go, or make it shoot, etc... You can jump off at any time and go anywhere.

In Skull and Bones, you ARE the ship. You, by yourself, control every aspect of the ship and can't leave the ship in any way.

I mean whatever, I loved Black Flag so I'll probably get this. I'm not trying to say which game is better, it doesn't even matter.

I'm just saying it's stupid to compare them.

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spartan112g149d ago

I completely agree. These two games have completely different goals.

Zenbaby369149d ago

Yeah, make money, and make money. Different goals xD

DrumBeat149d ago

Two completely different styles. Sea of Thieves' problem isn't the graphics, it's the boredom you'll endure while playing it. Skull and Bones is a lot more appealing to me for many reasons, but I'm still not sold.

Jinger149d ago

You can't actually board ships. You hold a button to board, there is a quick scene of the AI jumping on the ship, then you just get a pop up showing what you plundered. Same with exploring islands. There is no actual gameplay off your ship, it is strictly sailing. You can stop off at ports to refill supplies and sell stuff to upgrade and customize your ship, but you can't actually explore any areas off the ship.

porkChop149d ago

That's really, really disappointing. I was hoping the game would build on what they started with Black Flag.

Rachel_Alucard149d ago


It's a new IP, I doubt they could implement that stuff in the 1st release given the deadlines, budget, etc. In a potential sequel sure, but it looks like they just focused on competitive ship battles since they couldn't add what they wanted, so they worked with what they had.

dreue149d ago

Social play? Dude if i want to be social i have real life, come on sea of tgiefs was bare bones... Bad game overall.... Stop defending it....

MuddyWaters149d ago

Did I say it was good? How is explaining the difference defending it. Some of you guys are sure upset about anything to do with Microsoft aren't ya.

Zeref149d ago

it's like comparing Mario Kart to Forza.

TheRealHeisenberg149d ago

Mario Kart is superior. I know this to be fact even though I have never played a Forza game. :/

UnHoly_One149d ago

Those games are far more similar to each other than Sea of Thieves and Skull and Bones.

149d ago
IamTylerDurden1149d ago

Skull n Bones looks fantastic. Unfortunately Sea of Thieves was poorly executed.

No Way149d ago

Sid Meiers Pirates! is STILL the best pirate game, to date. I dont know why people don't take and learn from that game - and improve on it.

MuddyWaters149d ago

That would be a great remake.

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Auron149d ago

Sure.... thell get the prices right too...
Standard 59.99
Deluxe ed. 79.99
Gold ed 99.99
Ultimate 119.99

How much is sea of thieves again? Oh yeah its included with game pass..
I wouldnt even say these games are similar besides the fact they have boats and ocean..

lxeasy149d ago

Yeah these two games shouldn't really be compared. They are very different. One is centered around creating stories with friends the other is ship battles.

BiggerBoss149d ago

"Creating stories with friends"

That's a pretty creative way of saying that there's no story and nothing to do.

No Way149d ago

I don't take anything BiggerBoss says seriously. Not like you'd ever play the game.. you only play reviews.

TekoIie149d ago

Similar themes, but completely different gameplay styles.

PhantomS42149d ago

Included with games $120/year if you somehow find killing the 1 skeleton in the game over and over with no rewards for the player that exciting.

Hmmm, $120/yr for contentless garbage or $60 once for a vastly better game. Not a hard choice.

lxeasy149d ago

@phantoms42 your not paying 120$ a year for sea of thieves. Your paying 120$ a moth for the 150 plus games available on Gamepass and all future first party exclusives day one. Nice try though buddy. Maybe you should try buying an Xbox with gamepass before you have an opinion.

itsmebryan149d ago

That's just silly. You get access to over 100 games and day one on new exclusives you can download for $120. That's a pretty good deal.

TheCommentator149d ago

The 3 DLC packages arriving by September are content-less? I see...

BTW, no choice is hard to make when you're ignorant. You've called a game that no one will play for years "vastly better", while ignoring the two years SoT will have to release free DLC content.

jeromeface149d ago

You can buy sea of thieves for 60 if you wish, no gamepass required.

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OffRoadKing149d ago

You get what you pay for, theres a reason its on game pass, surprised they dont include a free copy in every box of Captain Crunch.

Zenbaby369149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Sure, Sea of Thieves is free. I know this is going to sound over the top, but in all seriousness. If I was a game tester, and Sea of Thieves was the game we were working on, I would quit my job. That is to say, you literally could not pay me to play that game again. Yes, I've played it. Yes I played with friends. And yes, even if the game is about playing with friends, it still needs content.

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The 10th Rider149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

But the biggest complaint about Sea of Thieves is lack of content . . . Nothing we've seen from Skull and Bones indicates that it's any better in that regard. In fact, one big concern about S&B that I've seen is that we haven't really seen much of anything else to do besides fighting other ships.

salmonade149d ago

and that it's completely boring with no progression

smolinsk149d ago

And no land exploration.

Jinger149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

That's all skull and bones is, there is only ship battles. There is no jumping off your boat and exploring islands, the sea, actually boarding ships and fighting with swords or guns... it is strictly sailing.

And once Sea of Thieves ads in AI ships in the upcoming Cursed Sails content drop... There will be no point in Skull and Bones.

TekoIie149d ago

Skull and Bones will probably try and emphasize a more competitive angle. Although I don't think Ubisoft has had a good track record at creating solid competitive titles so I'll hold my breath on this one. Especially so after For Honor.

Nodoze149d ago

Skull and Bones LOOKS great....but as some have mentioned I think we are going to see a For Honor level F up with release again. I also get the sense there will be loot boxes everywhere.

MuddyWaters149d ago

Ubisoft has a habit of releasing bare games then making them into games as a service and bringing new life back into it (which is another fair comparison to Sea of Thieves). They should just the time to build a full game first but obviously I don't know what I'm talking about because Ubisoft is making a lot of money.

spartan112g149d ago

The comparisons start and end with the word “pirates”. These are completely different games. One is a social game while one is heavily about ship combat.

Rude-ro149d ago

So it’s a single player game? I was under the impression that it too is a social game. Ie Co-op and pvp

aconnellan149d ago

I see what you’re saying, but when spartan said ‘social’ he was referring to the open world online aspect of sea of thieves, where you can run around and interact with other players how you want.

Skull and Bones is only ship combat, and that’s it. Regardless of what sea of Thieves has done wrong, that doesn’t sound much better to me

Zenbaby369149d ago

@aconnellan In all fairness, I think it's still the same type of social. Instead you roam around on the ship only, and you still interact with others how you want to. Either fighting or not fighting, which is the same thing as SoT.