5 Summer Releases to Look Forward To This Year

With summer now literally right around the corner, these 5 games will definitely help ease that so-called drought right before we plunge into the holiday season.

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BlahBlahWhatever218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

That's the most important game release in the next 3 months & the fact the guy who did this article didn't even include it on his list shows how clueless he is.

xRacer74x218d ago

Ill take the Crew 2 over that we all have opinions.

kevnb218d ago

I dont think many people want the crew 2 over anything.

xRacer74x218d ago

@kevnb, Its one of the games i was looking forward to all year since it was delayed once this year already. But Im a racing fan and I buy all of the decent looking ones. Never liked the Dragon Quest series have they progressed past Sprite graphics yet.

CWheatley218d ago

DQXI already had its initial release in Japan last year. Just because it was only in Japan doesn't mean it hasn't already released.

BlahBlahWhatever218d ago

You are writing for an English audience in English language, a game that has been released only in Japan till now is like it has never been released ever for EU/NA gamers, cut the excuses you are just clueless, this is such an important release for the West & you completely exclude it from your list, you just fail at what you are doing that's the truth like it or not.

CWheatley218d ago

Call it what you like. I'm just giving you my reasoning for not including DQXI on the list. My apologies if it offended you.

joab777218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

Hell yes! LOVE DQ! I gotta see when it releases. Could be my LO this yr. I played DQ8, I believe, on PS3 for months.

And SotTR is in Spetember. That’s the start of fall and Spider-Man also releases so wtf!

Edit: as does DQX1. I’ll take this. Hmmm...what to do?

jznrpg218d ago (Edited 218d ago )

The only game I must have is Octopath Traveler on this list. I will get Tomb Raider just because I played the others but I will wait until a price drop. I agree with comment above, DQ11 is a much better title and I would list it but this list just says 5 titles not all titles to look forward to .

Relientk77218d ago

Getting Dragon Quest XI, and cannot wait

joab777218d ago

My greatest summer game was Lost Odyssey. I bought a 360 for Mass Effect. Played that and Gears 1 and 2 I believe and then didn’t know what to play. I spent part of June, July and August playing Lost Odeyssey and it’s one of my greatest gaming memories. So amazing! Fell in love w my 360 then!

C’mon MS, bring us the next LO. I will buy an X1X tomorrow.