E3 2018: Why Nintendo Sees Switch Online as the Virtual Console Successor

Nintendo of America's Reggie FIls-Aime talks about why Switch Online will attract subscribers.

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Nodoze123d ago

PROVE you can support this, before you go about justifying this offering. Not a single word was spoken about this at the largest gaming media event of the year....not a SINGLE word. If they are so confident, you would expect them to be discussing this, demonstrating this, doing SOMETHING. Instead we received silence.

Kokyu123d ago

Because that way they can charge you again for stuff you purchased on Wii U virtual console.

Artemidorus123d ago

It's not a console so this article is void and null.

Facts are facts millennials cannot hide or change them.

Doge123d ago

Unless you were born before the 80s, you're a millennial too.


Artemidorus122d ago

I can confirm I am not a millenial.

deafdani122d ago

If you want to talk facts, you should look up the definition of console first. Switch is a portable console. Portables are consoles, too.


Artemidorus122d ago (Edited 122d ago )

It is a handheld with a TV feature, these are the facts so suck it up Nintendo fanboy.

deafdani121d ago

Dude. All handhelds are consoles.

Handheld, by itself, is just a descriptor. Something that you can hold in your hand. It's a handheld console.

You're right that the Switch is a handheld with a TV feature. It is still a console. Fanboyism has nothing to do with it.

You could've saved yourself the embarrassment by looking up the actual definition of console (specifically, video game consoles), like I suggested earlier.

Artemidorus121d ago

The device on Nintendo is just like other handheld devices it just provides another option to show it on the TV.

A console is a box for the purpose of being played on a TV/monitor device, no picking up and walking around likea handheld.

Facts are facts suck it up.

superchiller123d ago

Nintendo really doesn't know how to support online gaming, this article is making poor excuses for their complete refusal to carry over VC purchases from previous consoles.

Tross122d ago

I don't even necessarily care about that. I'd rebuy some titles if they came to the Switch and could be purchased. I'm all for adding features to old games, but not if it comes at the expense of only being able to access certain titles period, and not being able to just have a title outside of Nintendo's subscription service. I for one like to buy titles and backlog them indefinitely until such time as I feel compelled to give them a try.

Worst of all, Nintendo went to all the trouble of creating the perfect hardware to emulate their entire digital catalog of console and handheld titles, and then turns around and refuses to carry over a service that would have been perfect for that. That's why I'm angry at Nintendo for their current approach. I refuse to buy their failed WiiU, a New 3DS or a SNES Mini just to access certain classic titles I should be able to on Switch, so I've decided emulation is my best option, with the promise of giving Nintendo my money when they decide they want it.

Tross123d ago

Call me when they come to their senses and offer a real successor to VC. Until then, I guess I'll have to rely on emulation.