Top 10 Biggest Disappointments of E3 2018

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "The Electronic Entertainment Expo is routinely called gaming’s biggest stage and it really is. Every year nearly all the major players in the industry get together to show off their biggest games, reveal what the future will hold and generally celebrate the industry as a whole. Sometimes however, things don’t go as planned and instead of an announcement or event generating plenty of hype and excitement it instead creates bad feelings and disappointment. While we’ve spent a lot of this past week celebrating the best of E3 2018 today we’re looking at the 10 things that really let us down from this year’s show in Los Angeles."

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2paclives123d ago

The banjo and flute guy were...umm...weak as hell. Almost changed the channel.

zodiac909123d ago

And here we see one of the many morons on this site, who can't accept that art encompasses music, games, and movies, and coincide with each other.

ClanPsi1123d ago

I didn't mind the flute guy, but the live orchestra in 2016 is still infinitely more awesome.

Aceman18123d ago

If the presentation of the conference is the only negative you can pin on Sony, and their content was top notch which it was I can live with that lol.

O-D-C123d ago

Should add - $13 beers and gross food too.

ClanPsi1123d ago

$13? Jesus christ. That's worse than a NASCAR race. >_<